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    LeMaitre Neutron Pro hazer

    Le Maitre Neutron Pro Hazer Just want you need to make your light show dazzle. No odor of a smoke machine, but incredible translucent haze to show off your lights. 2 liters of Neutron Haze Fluid included for free. Excellent machine all yours for $400. Located in Baltimore/DC area.
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    NAME Jay, I went to last year's convention and would definitely go again this year if my schedule wasn't full. There were great presentations and all of the entertainers I met were top notch and full of excellent ideas. You won't be disappointed if you go. Paul
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    Pioneer CMX5000???

    I have been using this unit for about 4 years, now and have been extremely pleased with it's performance. I think you will enjoy using it. :D
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    First Dance Song

    graduation dance How about Lee Ann Womack's "I Hope You Dance?"
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    We will give you $100 to switch to our services

    Bryan, What a great idea. It shows your concern for an increasingly big problem for our teens. If I were in your area that would definately impress me. Good luck with your business! Paul
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    Receiving radio frequency?

    Hi Bill, Yes, the interference stopped as soon as I unplugged the mic cord from the mixer. I was only using the mic cord to connect thr keyboard into my system. My UHF wireless mic had no problems whatsoever. I guess I could consider using a wireless guitar system to connect as well. Great...
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    Receiving radio frequency?

    Hi Matt, Thanks for your reply. It was a 25 ft whirlwind cable. I am assuming that a mic cable is balanced so it is shielded better than an unbalanced cable, but that might not be the case. Paul
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    Receiving radio frequency?

    Hi everyone, I was playing at a country club last night and had a weird thing happen. I am a pianist and disc jockey. Last night I was playing keyboard during dinner, so I had my kb into a direct box. I then ran a mic cable from the direct box to the mic input on my rane DJ mixer. The kb...