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    Is Amazon forcing users to use the Cloud?

    Tonight I purchased 5 tracks on Amazon. I was prompted to update my Amazon Downloader, which I had set up to park my files in a Amazon folder in My Music on my C drive. After running my Downloader, my files remained in pending status. The only option I was given was to access Soundcloud. I...
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    Warning to Rhode Island Novelty customers

    I've been a customer of Rhode Island Novelty for the last 12 years. I purchase about $1,500.00 in inflatables per year. For the most part, I've been pretty happy with everything but the shipping costs the past few years. That has changed. I received a case of the 42" Rock and Roll guitars in...
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    Great deal on a Quik Shade 8' x 8' canopy for outdoor shows

    We've had a red Quik Shade canopy that has served us well for the last 8 years. It was starting to get a little ragged around the edges, so I started shopping for a new one. This one is dark blue with the silver UV block lining on the underside. The extend higher, and collapse to a shorter...
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    Atlanta DJ facing murder charges Private club jock kills a former employee who threatened him for not playing his CD.
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    Are nuts and bolts supposed to come with T-bars?

    I received a ADJ T-bar today. It has the 4 mounting holes, but had no bolts and nuts. Aren't these supposed to be included? If not, where can I buy some?
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    Question about DMX software in conjunction with Ots

    I realize that DMX is lighting, but my question deals with the use of a DMX to USB interface, what types of software can I use for a simple 4 fixture set up, and whether this will tax or be compatible with my laptop while also running OtsAV with a USB output. Suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Events with other entertainers - Example: Dance company

    Last night we had a Daddy/Daughter event with over 300 attending. A local dance company was scheduled to perform a cha cha and a tango. They were scheduled to have 30 minutes total to perform two dances, then teach the group. The client gave us their contact info two weeks prior and we...
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    Looking for basic LED controller & suggestions

    I have a pair of ADJ 38B Pro LED pars. I would like to be able to control these with a minimal set up that wall also accommodate a LED Vertigo and a micro Galaxian. What would be the simples way to plug and control these on either a side bar or a T bar? Yeah. this is a very small show. but I...
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    LAN Entertainment Interface

    I have a home network (802.11N). I'm looking for a box that will give me 1080i or better wi-fi transmission to my HDTV from my PC. For those here that have this, what do you use or recommend?
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    Congrats to Taylor Swift

    Major congratulations to Taylor Swift for CMA Entertainer of the year. This award RARELY goes to a female artist. Taylor worked her hiney off this year touring. Also she is one of less than a handful of people who have performed unaccompanied on this show for as long as I can remember. On...
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    CMA Awards tonight

    This has been my favorite music awards show for the last five years. Outstanding production and some great musicians. Just a reminder.
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    New Madonna Song
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    All Star Kids Party DJs Top 20 - November 2011

    Four new adds this month. Please "like" our site if this list is helpful to you.!/note.php?note_id=10150341184312203
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    Groom sues photographer - even after divorce!

    This one is hilarious...
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    All Star Kids Party DJs Top 20 - October 2011!/note.php?note_id=10150316613432203 Please "like" if this is helpful to you.
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    Argh! Great sounding Halloween dance track not available until 10-21!

    Who makes these decisions? This should've been released last week. Sounds like a great dance start-up track.
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    Auto-add song for Kids Party DJs - great for Halloween

    Yeah, it's your typical Radio Disney fare, but it is great for kids parties in October:
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    All Star Kids Party DJs Top 20 - September 2011

    Visit the list here on my FB page. Please "like" if you find it helpful.
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    Kids Party DJs Instant add

    The Shaytards are ABSOLUTELY HUGE on YouTube. They've done a music video with Jackson Harris for his song "Go Crazy". This one's a no brainer for Kids Party DJs. Check out the video:
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    All Star Kids Party DJs Top 20 - August 2011!/notes/all-star-kids-party-djs/all-star-kids-party-djs-top-20-august-2011/10150250811777203