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  1. sowndman

    Ken Heath Matrix 2000 Club

    So one forsale on Facebook market place for cheap so I bit the bullet. WOW !!! The system rocks after replacing blown 18 and repair the first gen neutrix speakon that didn't have the metal reinforced notch lock. So now I am trying to figure out haow to carry the woofer on on a cargo carrier...
  2. sowndman

    Speakers, Speakers

    The ev zlx 15p are a beast. They also make a 12p that Bill sells as well. The 12p are lighter and work well to add a sub for larger gigs. Contact Bill@ESC.
  3. sowndman

    Mr C Brand New Slide Aka Pimp Walk

    any luck ?
  4. sowndman

    Mr C Brand New Slide Aka Pimp Walk

    No, I don't think that is it. Here is the youtube
  5. sowndman

    Mr C Brand New Slide Aka Pimp Walk

    Does anybody know where to find this song. There are many videos on youtube showing people dancing to it. I have exhausted my resources searching for it. Any help would be apreciated.
  6. sowndman

    Maximizing On-computer-screen Karaoke Video

    with xp you can use alt and tab to switch between windows. You can also use windows key and tab to scroll thru windows on win7
  7. sowndman

    there may be a bulb available without the cage for your projector for a lot less than $800...

    there may be a bulb available without the cage for your projector for a lot less than $800. check on google for projector model and search google for the model number on bulb.
  8. sowndman

    "Your price is way out of our budget" NO WONDER..Take a look below....

    It is common for venue to charge 18% gratuity but then pay the staff hourly and use that money as just profit.
  9. sowndman

    Pay-for-play...not Just For Djs Anymore!

    Performers are in the business to get paid.
  10. sowndman

    Exclusive To A Venue

    It is a complex question. I have always wanted to own my own venue and pre install a lot of things. As for hoping to being the exclusive for that venue, well my experience says that is more hopeful than reality. There will always be someone who will want to use there own dj .
  11. sowndman

    Gobo Projection and more made easy.

    Insert a ESC custom universal Short throw lense here.
  12. sowndman

    Electrovoice ZLX12P 12 inch 1000 watt powered monitor

    Wow. So I could use them for a small karaoke job.
  13. sowndman

    Electrovoice ZLX12P 12 inch 1000 watt powered monitor

    I just purchased a pair for live sound monitors. $688 for the pair. The online reviews seem to be mixed. Has anybody heard them ?
  14. sowndman

    Sound treatment for band roon in bar

    The roof is corrigated sheet metal supported by the squiggly round bar trusses light a school. The speaker stack on the stage in the corners. THe stage is 16 x 20
  15. sowndman

    Sound treatment for band roon in bar

    Hello, it's been awhile. I regularly do sound at a local club. The room is about 30x40 with bout 1/2of that sunk in 2 feet like a bowl. The back wall of the stage is drywall on concrete block. wall stage right is dry wall half to ceiling and 1/4 inch wanes coating over drywall both on top of...
  16. sowndman

    New Product Review - Bose L1 B"2" Bass Bin

    So what would the possibility be to just build a 2 10 inch ported cab and hook it to you system? I'm looking at sheer economics. 2 10inch 3 inch voice coil woofers and some MDF is going to set me back about $100. This does not appear to be a magic sub but rather a simple ported dual woofer...
  17. sowndman

    Sennheiser E835 Replacement ... Shure, EV, Audix which to choose?

    My mike of choice is an EV nd757. They are out of production but can be found on ebay for under $100. IF you want feedback rejection then super cardioid is the way to go but be warned you have to eat it. Dynamic cardioid are more forgiving.
  18. sowndman

    Is this normal for Global Truss?

    Aluminum oxidizes much faster than style. In fact it is almost impossible to solder. I have heard of getting a pool of soldering going then scratching thru the solder to the aluminum. Aluminum is welded with a mig or gas style welding technique as the inert gas keeps air out while the rod flows...
  19. sowndman

    Just bought a used set of mains for weddings and such

    JBL 4699 WHat do you all think ? I'm powering them with a Peavey(Crest) 2600. 900 watts per channel at 4ohm which the speakers are. 18, 10, and 2 inch horn.
  20. sowndman

    Itunes won't import MP3's from Prime Cuts disc

    The solution to the Itunes/ Ipod delima has already been made. There is an IPOD plugin for WINAMP. You can send/delete individual songs as you please. You can also rename and make playlists.