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  1. sowndman

    Ken Heath Matrix 2000 Club

    So one forsale on Facebook market place for cheap so I bit the bullet. WOW !!! The system rocks after replacing blown 18 and repair the first gen neutrix speakon that didn't have the metal reinforced notch lock. So now I am trying to figure out haow to carry the woofer on on a cargo carrier...
  2. sowndman

    Mr C Brand New Slide Aka Pimp Walk

    Does anybody know where to find this song. There are many videos on youtube showing people dancing to it. I have exhausted my resources searching for it. Any help would be apreciated.
  3. sowndman

    Electrovoice ZLX12P 12 inch 1000 watt powered monitor

    I just purchased a pair for live sound monitors. $688 for the pair. The online reviews seem to be mixed. Has anybody heard them ?
  4. sowndman

    Sound treatment for band roon in bar

    Hello, it's been awhile. I regularly do sound at a local club. The room is about 30x40 with bout 1/2of that sunk in 2 feet like a bowl. The back wall of the stage is drywall on concrete block. wall stage right is dry wall half to ceiling and 1/4 inch wanes coating over drywall both on top of...
  5. sowndman

    Just bought a used set of mains for weddings and such

    JBL 4699 WHat do you all think ? I'm powering them with a Peavey(Crest) 2600. 900 watts per channel at 4ohm which the speakers are. 18, 10, and 2 inch horn.
  6. sowndman

    Where does all the used truss go?

    I did an intensive search of google and ebay to find around 10 reasonable sales of used truss. Is it just not a hot item? I was looking for 2 six foot triagle or square in the 8.5-10 inch diameter
  7. sowndman

    REVIEW OF THE Deliya X-3 250W Spot 16 PART 1

    They arrived Monday UPS FREE shipping. Price is currently $690 including shipping you can get them in black or white for the same price. The shipping boxes are double maybe even tripple ply coregatted. White polystyrene halves fully enclosed the lights. Power cord is permanently...
  8. sowndman

    Christmas came early for me !!!!!!!!!

    I just picked up a roll of 10-3 soow at lowes for $75 clearance 125 feet
  9. sowndman

    Lighting a metal band

    I have been hired to provide lighting for a metal band. The previous time they were at this venue a pro touring guy did the lighting with 4 par 64 in front and 6 design spots in the rear. He also provided haze. The pic shows what I plan to use. Any comment or suggestions will be appreciated.
  10. sowndman

    The Middle is gone again

    Well, I've been a beat mixer for over 15 years. It appears the music biz has gone low and high on BPM's I got to spend a little time at a local dance club and there just seemed to be something missing. Back when I did the club thing regularly as in totally supporting myself on it was...
  11. sowndman

    B-52 Matrix 2000 Woofer Blown

    Just wondering what the cost a recone is for the eminence 18 in the matrix 2000. My buddy has one. From what I can see the wooden port glue joints came loose allowing the voice coil to bottom out and thus made the voice coil get bent. Would it be cheaper to just buy an eminence 18 new...
  12. sowndman

    Recent post, 11 hours of work, and Jack n Coke got me thinking

    For those of your that don't know I'm 37 going on 38 in april. I have been djing since I was in junior high which would be um.....1986. But that is not the point of the post. I live in an area of 250,000 within a 50 mile radius. The average age is 40. Per the recent censius 70% of the...
  13. sowndman

    Kreg Joints

    I keep seeing the infomercial. Does anyone here own one? I am used to building cases with carpenders glue and an air brad gun.
  14. sowndman

    private messeges not working

    I get a server error when trying to access private messeges.
  15. sowndman

    Anyone live in vermont?

    I would love to buy this but it is a 13 hour drive one way.
  16. sowndman

    matrix 2000amp exchange

    Well most wil remember my buddy having problems with his bought used matrix 2000. Well now the right channel has distrotion. he wants to get it fixed. Does b-52 do amp exchanges for out of warrenty matrix?
  17. sowndman

    New Poll

    New Poll !!!!!!!!!!!
  18. sowndman

    dichroic glass replacements

    I recently replaced my high end/madd arcstream 150 color changers with matching chauvet colortrack 250's. Now I have decided to keep the 150 for doing floor fill for band lighting but two of the four have missing or cracked color filters. Does anyboy sell pieces I could just glue in with...
  19. sowndman

    b-52 matrix 200 amp module failure

    Well, my buddies matrix 200 just started having problems. Last week the switch glowed red but no fans no nothing. A couple of light fisst taps to the top and everything was fine. Now this week it will not to anything. Can you send the amp module back for repair or exchange? Is the schematic...
  20. sowndman

    Is chat working?

    Whn try to creat a room or enter the general chat I justgeask for my user name and password again and again.