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    Bose L1 Model 1 single bass system for sale - make an offer -

    1 post and its just to sell something......
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    Line6 Epiphany...

    While I do like my Line6, I must say that it isn't the "end all be all" of works but without posting a review I like my Audio Technica units I purchased from Bill a few years back... much more for range and reliability from experience...but good call Ken and fast move.
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    UCB Students get OK to Pack Heat in Class!

    Actually in most states where conceal and carry is leagal you can carry anywhere, (well not in prison or airport etc)...even if the business says "no weapons" my friend is an instructor for the classes and laughs when he sees the sign...yes the business can refuse to serve you if they choose but...
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    New Product Review - Bose L1 B"2" Bass Bin

    I guess my main question is what is the advantage of buying these over using two bass bins(we have four, two for each tower) there a big difference in the output on these new options or is this just something bose is doing to add to the cash flow?
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    Google Voice. Does anyone here use it for a special number for your biz?

    I just can't trust a "free" number for one of the "life bloods" of my business....maybe a secondary..but not a primary...
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    New meeting trend?

    It depends on what your goal is for the meeting, when we meet, I offer drinks, wine, beer etc..we chill, chit chat about them, get cozy and it can last 30 minutes or it can last an hour....or hour and a half..but typically I keep them to an hour..
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    New meeting trend?

    So get an office 30 miles away where you do business...
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    Google Voice. Does anyone here use it for a special number for your biz?

    We have an office line for all our business calls, its been SO nice not having a cell phone ring all the time, now if we are in the office we answer, if not they leave a message we call back after getting notified of a new VM...separate your lives from your business you will feel the relief...
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    Want Your Opinon On My New Business Card

    They are "okay" it all depends on your brand. My brands are a little more contemporary and modern, think about today's bride, would she put this font, look style in something at her wedding, most of the time not (unless shes just a corny bride with not alot of taste).... Think about the Font...
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    New meeting trend?

    Its been years since I met with anyone at anyplace other than my office, if they want to work with me, they can come to me. Sorry just the way it is..
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    Can responding to a political post hurt your business?

    Money and Politics... Money and Politics...two things if your customers or even fellow vendors can see your Facebook, twitter, etc don't talk about(well and also calling them idiots etc)....just hold your tongue or create a separate CLOSED account on those for those you wish to exchange banter...
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    I just realized something that really sucks about getting back into djing.....

    Yes, owning a business takes hard work and long hours of "business" work...
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    Do you use $ signs?

    Do you still use $ signs in your marketing and pricing? If so why? Restaurants for the last few years have stopped because it makes people think "MONEY" rather than what they really wanted....we have stopped over the last month and have seen an actual increase in bookings from it, coincidence?
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    A competitor wants a copy of the video we shot, what to do?

    I just helped out a competitor last month, this month they sent two leads my
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    Wireless range

    Thanks Bill, we have four AT units that we purchased from you about three year ago, they all do have awesome range and when compared to our Line6 mics they blow them out of the water...
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    So a bride walks into a company..and writes some checks....

    Well we just heard from the venue, they have released this brides date and opened it up for other looks like things are in the works...
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    So a bride walks into a company..and writes some checks....

    Thanks, I think they would need a court order to do that, the bank cleared the checks. We have spoken to an attorney on this they advised us just to wait until we are official asked for anything..thanks for the comments!
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    So a bride walks into a company..and writes some checks....

    Thanks all! Apparently this was around a 30k theft from this company..maybe more!
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    So a bride walks into a company..and writes some checks....

    Thanks all! Yes its legit, its public information and the court case clearly lays out the information...the guy contacting us all is a receivership for the company, PI. But apparently she also used the funds to remodel her house, take trips..some fun stuff!
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    So a bride walks into a company..and writes some checks....

    The company is a "company" some sort of fabrication company..the company checks were written to pay us for this a company check....I didn't keep a copy of the checks but the bank cleared them...that was my opinion..they will need to go after the bride if they want her money back...