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    Anyone in Vegas tonight for the show doing anything?

    Anyone in Vegas tonight for the convention doing anything? I'm going to be in town tonight and don't have any plans. I would love to meet up with some fellow djs as I don't know anyone going. See you at the convention! John
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    Lightshop Essentials at MBLV18 with Jason Weldon?

    Couldn't find any mention of this on the forum. Anyone taken this Synergetic Light Shop, Fundamentals of Lighting workshop before? I know enough about lighting and DMX to get in trouble and have some experience with DMX and lighting and am pretty good at that kinda stuff. Is it worth it at...
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    Anyone interested in sharing a hotel room?

    If you want to share a room, save a little money and make a new friend, I'm interested in sharing a hotel room. I don't have a room yet and will wait a day or two to see if anyone wants to share theirs to save a little money (Hey, more to spend on toys on the trade show floor right?!) I'd...
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    Anyone using a video only music library?

    I met a dj a few years ago that used a primarily only music video library. Save for songs that didnt have videos. That way he could play a video event and not have any change or concern for not having a song. He said this approach worked for most events but he still did have his old mp3 hard...