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  1. Ausumm

    Think I am done with sweet 16 and school dances..Modern Technology????

    Brides are fickle enough...pre-teens, teens and tweens are worse. I didn't understand kids of that age when I "had" three of my own in the house. Fortunately, I have always steered away from events for the younger crowd. I always hated: the prep work with finding clean versions of songs...
  2. Ausumm

    Hardly any bookings for Christmas parties....

    I had ONE this year. And it was the first one I've had in WAY TOO MANY years.
  3. Ausumm

    You want what????

    Never been asked that one! But, if I was, I would tell the potential client that I don't keep my playlists... and that no two jobs are the same.
  4. Ausumm

    Subwoofer Scrims.

    Hey! Just saw this. I had the same thought a few years ago. So, I have a friend who owns a tuxedo shop...and he does all his own alterations. He picked some nice shiny black material, and made me two fabric "sleeves"...slightly longer than the poles... with elastic around the opening on each...
  5. Ausumm

    Holiday Parties are back, for all or some?

    When I started 30 years ago.... I worked for a multi-op that had as many as 9 systems out at a time. We ALL had plenty of holiday parties... and were usually booked every Friday AND Saturday in December. I remember paying for all my Christmas presents on December money alone! In recent...
  6. Ausumm

    NuMark HD Mix

    I use a D2 Director, so I use the Librarian software before every gig. The only thing that I have seen that is remotely close to your experience.... is the difference between choosing a QUICK and a NORMAL run. The quick one I use in an emergency, as it only take an hour or two... as opposed to...
  7. Ausumm

    Guess What I Got!

    You'll probably find that YOU are the only one who ever wants to hear it. :hp1: But that's okay, cause it makes YOU happy. And I know, cause I have a lot of obscure, worthless songs that only "I" like... and I listen to them every day on my way to work!
  8. Ausumm

    Only Retired DJs Are "Real" DJs

    Glad to see I am not the only guy who does this. I used to write the B/G names on an index card and stick it on my mixer. I am horrible with remembering names, even two seconds after they introduced themselves. Ditto again. And it's always the PERFECT song to play next. But, by the time you...
  9. Ausumm

    Only Retired DJs Are "Real" DJs

    Same with DJ's who were arrested for.... never mind, my lawyer says I'm not supposed to talk about "that"...
  10. Ausumm

    Bose S1 Portable Bluetooth Battery Powered (optional) Speaker

    Do you have a picture of the speaker?
  11. Ausumm

    Sending A Copy Of Your Contract, Via Brides Request, To Wedding Coordinator...

    Well, at the very least....YOU got the satisfaction of knowing that YOU fulfilled your end of the deal... and then some. Pretty sure the W.C. didn't fare so least in the eyes of the bride and groom.
  12. Ausumm

    It's Time To Hang Up The Headphones!

    I applaud your years of hard work, and commend you for knowing when it is "time to go". Cap said, it may be tough to get COMPLETELY out of the business....
  13. Ausumm

    20 Years Ago Today

    How did you get there? (blatant set up for an old joke...)
  14. Ausumm

    Party Guests And Their Cell Phone Lists

    PS I have played songs off of a phone... but only for clients that I know well and work with a lot. I did a surprise birthday party for a family I work with several times a year. The client was a former bride who threw the party for her husband. She told me the artists her husband liked, but not...
  15. Ausumm

    Now I Am In The Lawn Game, Furniture, Duct Tape, Etc.!!!!

    I think the problem started (if you SEE it as a problem)... when DJ's began offering more than just music and a few lights. So, asking for "lawn games" is not that crazy of a question these days. But my theory only applies to some of your examples. I am more than happy to offer my clients some...
  16. Ausumm

    What Has Happened To This Site?

    You asked why the site has not seen a resurgence. I compared to "old technology"...because being one of the first, this site has been around a while. My feeling is that there is nothing wrong with this site, it's just that they are no longer the "new guy". Even the most popular...
  17. Ausumm

    What Has Happened To This Site?

    Why hasn't there been a resurgence in the Iphone 5 Or The world is no longer impressed by something just cause it's "better".... What they want is something that is NEWER. Once a "thing" is replaced by something has lost it's appeal. There are new website like...
  18. Ausumm

    Parade Sound

    Then you know what it's like trying to drive thru Parade Day traffic in NYC!
  19. Ausumm

    Bluetooth From Mixer To Headphones

    Dick, Wouldn't a wireless headphone be more dependable, with NO delay? But they DO make them, evidently...
  20. Ausumm

    Bluetooth From Mixer To Headphones

    If it's Bluetooth, wouldn't there be some digital delay?