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    Thank You Behringer and PSSL!

    Well I'd like to take a moment to thank the good people of Pro Sound Stage and Lighting as well as Behringer. After buying not only the DJM-700 but also the VMX1000, they have played a key role in my decision of Manufacturers and retailers to never look to for gear again. I'm posting...
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    It's time to RUN IT AGAIN.......

    No grand stature, no political forum, no attitude or shaken fist presented. IF you feel this is worthy of being moved to another forum instead of public view, I will not complain or criticize. Many of you may already be aware of this, but for those of you whom have never heard it or...
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    Over There: FX new series?

    Ken or Mark: if you feel it is more appropriate to move this post to the Political/Religious board - Please do so. Have you seen this show yet? What are your thoughts? I am curious if these are dramatic stories of someones imagination to "dramaticize" current events or if this is...
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    Looking for a lost '80s flashback

    I heard a caller call in to the radio station this afternoon requesting a song on thier flashback lunch program and I can't find the song. Ultimately, I need to get the instrumental. I want to Love you - Jade???? Anyone spot this track anywhere? (ô¿ô)
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    Doing it Solo?

    I am wondering if this is a common situation or not. Are your families and friends supportive of your business? Do the people in your neighborhood or at your job know you're a DJ? Ever feel like you're doing this all by yourself and no one takes you seriously? I know that there are...
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    HOW did you do it, REALLY?

    I am not attepmting to stir the debate between Full time/Part time DJs. In another thread, I asked the question of part timers if they thought they could survive as a DJ without that side job to keep them going. This time, I'd like to get input from the DJs that have survived as Full...
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    Hypothetical Scenerio - Could you make a go of it?

    I was reading the news headlines today ( I know, I know. But I needed a good laugh :roll: ) and started me thinking about a hypothetical situation. I'd like to ask the other DJs here that aren't already full time DJs to consider this scenerio with me and voice their honest opinion. If your...
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    For All DJ/VJ/KJs using, or planning to use, a computer...

    For All DJ/VJ/KJs using, or planning to use, a computer or mix MP3s via MAC or PC:
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    Anyone else getting this junk?

    Seems more and more often these days my email is filling up with some third party company selling stuff that's collected all of our email addresses from Anyone else tired of hitting delete like I am? I will no longer be keeping available any contact information listed on...
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    Scott, THANK YOU! I wanted to thank you BIG TIME for your suggesting Incredimail to me. It has 'Totally' taken my internet communication and my printed documents to a whole new level. We no longer stand in a bland, average sea of other DJs with our documents and emails and...
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    I made Lemonade for 200 People last night!

    UPDATE: For those that have been following along with our drama about the backyard BBQ/Wedding Reception, I have a slightly long update on how things turned out. I wasn't sure how to Title this post. Caught between to Subject Titles... 1) I MADE LEMONADE FOR 200 PEOPLE LAST NIGHT...
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    Memories of Vegas Pt 1

    If you ever wondered if its worth it to go to a Mobile Beat show? (Hope the next pic is you) :D (or :shock: if you prefer) (ô¿ô)
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    2 Questions

    What is the most important asset to your service? Ultimately, at the end result, whom does your service most benefit? (ô¿ô)
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    notice a Pattern in your area?

    Due to recent events concerning my company and it's current issues with a client, I have learned of many other DJs from around the country that are also having the problems with clients changing event details and in some instances the very event itself on them after the original booking...
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    Multiple Planners?

    Do you have event planners for each service that you provide? E.G. one for Receptions, one for Corporate events, one for holidays or birthdays? (ô¿ô)
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    My Appologies ...

    Many discussions over the past couple of weeks have caused me to do a lot of thinking about how much time I spend interacting and networking on DJ Forums and chat boards. Lately, yes, it has been getting to me personally. I get the distinct vibe that no matter what I do, say, include...
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    New Service Contract Question

    Do you list in print an outline of your services that you perform for an/each event? I am learning a new lesson about my agreement that was never discussed when it was drafted. It was looked over by an lawyer and everything is supposedly fine. I know now that it is not. Brian has...
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    Music Subscriptions falling off?

    I was with the understanding that most music subscription services boast that they bring you the best, newest and/or most popular from any given genre that makes the top 30 in their market. I have also been believing that most try to avoid any look of using "filler" music just to get the...
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    DJ's United - We're with you U.K.

    I would like to extend our most heartfelt prayers and support for those families victimized by todays tragic terrorist attack. From my family to yours or those you may know that were affected with this event. May GOD watch over you all and keep you safe within his arms. Chris
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    unbelievable luck...

    Just as I had figured out how to mix two tracks with the CDN-88 while recording it to my laptop thru the mixer and mic in hand.......... the red wire on my amp had broke off the solder and my amp started smokin'! Well, once I get my amp replaced, I'll finally be on my way to taking this...