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  1. soundmasterdj

    Trends In Weddings

    I'm interested in trends (new activities, others no longer relevant) you are seeing with weddings. I've noticed this year that the Garter Toss is almost dead. I feel like the horrible awkward pressure of the guy who catched it to put it on the leg of a woman he doesn't know has helped lead the...
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    Why so many allowed on this site? I currently see 15
  3. soundmasterdj

    Song Many?

    How many songs do you allow your clients to request before hand. Recently, I have noticed the requests list I am getting are really long.
  4. soundmasterdj

    Denon Prime

    Any thoughts about Denon's Prime, SC5000 and X1800?
  5. soundmasterdj

    2016 Prom Music Log

    From the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, here's the Music Log for Prom 2016. Kept the dance floor packed all night! "September" - Earth Wind & Fire" "Beat It" - Michael Jackson "Sugar" -...
  6. soundmasterdj

    Attending Rehearsal

    Do you include attending rehearsal in your pricing or is it an-add on to your pricing?
  7. soundmasterdj

    Cases, Cases

    Looking for a nice case to carry lapel mic system (shure). It just came in a big bulky box. Also looking for rolling case ideas to carry 2 qsc amps. Thanks
  8. soundmasterdj

    Speakers, Speakers

    Can anyone suggest a thread on suggestions for speakers. Using Yamaha S115V Clubs now with speakon cables. Looking for something not as heavy. Powered or Unpowered. However, looking to keep it under $100 for two speakers. By the way, is speakon still widely used?
  9. soundmasterdj

    Case - Mixer

    I am in need of some suggestions. I am in need of a new case that would hold my mixer, dual cd player and have a place on the very top for a laptop. The case needs to be lightweight and my concern is a laptop stand that will be high enough not to interfere with my DJ table topper. I would...
  10. soundmasterdj

    Unit For Ceremony

    I want to invest in a small more mobile unit (passport, etc) for weddings and small events. Being in rural, rural Virginia, I find myself in the middle of fields, national parks for ceremonies. I thought about a passport but wanted to hear opinions. My budget is no more than $1000. Thanks
  11. soundmasterdj

    Wireless Microphone System

    My handheld wireless microphone system has finally had its last day. I deejay wedding receptions mainly at small venues though lately I have been doing many outdoor wedding receptions. I have a budget of about $500 or less. I appreciate your input.
  12. soundmasterdj

    Lighting help please!

    I need lighting help; please. In the beginning, it was simple, purchased a 4 par light system that came with controller and life was easy. I then purchased some puck lights some years ago and then a controller. The puck lights work with sound but have that strobe in the rotation that is a huge...
  13. soundmasterdj

    Ceremony slim-line unit

    What does your setup consists of for ceremonies? I'm getting alot more requests these days where the ceremony is 10-15 minutes away from the reception site and I'm hoping to put together a nice basic very slimmed down unit.
  14. soundmasterdj

    Puck Help

    OK, be gentle, but I need some help. I have some Blizzard pucks and I love them. When I have them in sound mode, they do amazing right up until they reach the last 2 designs which are strobe. I had no problems until one event. Someone mentioned how one of the guests could have a seizure with...
  15. soundmasterdj

    Line 6

    I'm in the market for wireless mic system (handheld to start then add lavalier) and I noticed most people had high remarks about Line 6-xd v-70. It seems the v-70 is harder to find than the v-35 and the v-75. Is there a reason why the v-70 seems to be so much more popular, harder to find than...
  16. soundmasterdj

    Corporate Party Playlist

    What's currently on your corporate party playlist (cocktail hour, open dancing)? I have an event coming up where the company is having the party, no holiday music, just appropriate music to enjoy during cocktail hour and dancing. Suggestions?
  17. soundmasterdj

    truss or stand

    I have 4 puck lights. I will be getting more lights to come. What would you suggest for a basic truss or should I stick with lighting stands? Thanks
  18. soundmasterdj

    Bridal Show fees

    What is the most you would pay for a 4 hour Bridal Show?
  19. soundmasterdj

    LLC or sole proprietorship

    Stay the course as sole proprietorship or move on to LLC. Your thoughts and advice are welcomed please.
  20. soundmasterdj

    the Business...

    Business is great for me, and now its time to look at what type of business I should be going forward. Sole proprietorship doesn't seem to be the right answer in the long run. What do I need to consider being a single operator going forward when it comes to type of business?