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  1. Universal Sounds Ent

    LED digital dance floor

    Does anyone know of a vendor that sells LED Digital dance floors here in the USA? I see that the majority of vendors are Chinese companies. With that in mind, who would you recommend as a reputable Chinese manufacturer?
  2. Universal Sounds Ent

    X-Laser Mobile Beat RGB MK5

    I recently purchased the X-Laser Mobile Beat RGB MK5 from Ben Stowe at and couldn't be happier with this awesome animation laser!! I also purchased the Pangolin Laser Control Software & Interface, which I HIGHLY recommend, along with the ILDA cable and online Variance...
  3. Universal Sounds Ent

    Music Pools

    I have been a member of 8thwonderpromos (now known as for over a year now and have been very please with the product they offer. Their prices are way more than reasonable and the quality of songs and videos are top notch. The fact that I only pay one LOW monthly rate and...
  4. Universal Sounds Ent

    Tejano and Country Music Videos

    Being a VDJ in Texas, I can't help but have the need for tejano and country music videos. Would anyone happen to know of where I could get high quality videos of those genres?
  5. Universal Sounds Ent

    Uplight LED par can covers/shields

    Hello, I'm wondering if anyone can tell me where I can purchase covers to shield my LED par cans when placed on the ground for uplighting? I have seen a few posts of some DIY methods but I'd rather find something that looks a bit more professional.
  6. Universal Sounds Ent

    Crank-Up Lift & Hazer

    Good morning, I'm interested in purchasing a used medium duty crank-up lift like the Applied L-16 or the Global Truss ST-157. I'm also interested in purchasing a used hazer like the Martin Magnum. Please message me if you're selling any of these products or anything similar. Thanks!