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  1. Airwolf

    I wasn't prepared...

    for last night's gig. #1 New venue - had to do my site inspection on a day they weren't open (closed in winter). Made two phone calls to venue before event. Due to the location in a canyon with what appeared to be few neighbors I forgot to ask a key question: Any restrictions on volume...
  2. Airwolf

    2010 Armdjs

    Line up looks great. Scott and I have already signed up. Who else is going?
  3. Airwolf

    My DJ budget is...

    $500.00 MAXIMUM. (Her caps.) She emails me that she is having her wedding at Della Terra (the most expensive venue in town). Looking for her DJ for 7 1/2 hours with ceremony outside and reception inside requiring two systems. Couldn't respond until I stopped laughing. Sent her a nice note...
  4. Airwolf

    Not DJ related - what kids say

    Was just reading another board on some of the funny things kids say and thought I would share these. My husband and I were standing in the driveway talking to a neighbor who was asking about our new puppy, My husband had said the dog was a pure bred .... My son looks up and says, Mom ...the...
  5. Airwolf

    Wedding MBA questions

    #1 Is this worth attending? #2 I am on the Board of Directors for a not-for-profit organization. One of the other Board members has suggested that the association pay to have our president attend. We would cover his registration fee, travel, hotel, and meals. The association has the money...
  6. Airwolf

    And he wasn't even drunk

    Client just spilled wax all over the base of Scott's Bose L1. It doesn't have a cover over the controls so praying that daylight will not reveal wax in the connections. The client picked up a hurricane glass in one hand and a candle in the other. Then he realized the glass was HOT and...
  7. Airwolf

    Vampire Record broken

    About a month ago I posted asking for vampire themed songs for an event this evening (Oct 17). It was a success. Loveland Colorado will now be in the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest number of vampires (or at least people dressed as vampires) in one place at one time. Thanks for...
  8. Airwolf

    Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians

    Since I can't afford an outlay of $2000.00 for a copy of this I was wondering if anyone knows of another source for definitions of music genres? For example: definitions of grunge, punk, house, techno, electonica, blackened death metal, britfunk, britpop, etc.
  9. Airwolf

    Brandon Stokely (non DJ) catch

    I am not a football fan, but I still loved Brandon Stokely's catch and TD from a tipped pass. Now that is what makes football interesting.
  10. Airwolf

    A Fire in Your Office

    The thread about a fire at a venue got me to thinking. 1) What back up do you have in the event a fire breaks out in your office? 2) Do you have copies of all your client information available in another location off site? 3) Are your files in a fireproof file cabinet? 4) What would...
  11. Airwolf

    Just want to vent.

    Last Monday we received a desperate call from the cousin of a couple whose DJ bailed on them for a wedding today (Sunday, August 9). We quoted our price and she said she would get back to us. It was more than the couple had planned to spend but they needed entertainment. To bad their vendors...
  12. Airwolf

    FYI - MC Workshop in Denver in August

    Mark Ferrell will be presenting a Master of Ceremonies Workshop in Denver on August 12 and 13. There are still a couple of openings. Scott and I will both be attending and I thought I would pass the word along to anyone else who might be interested. If so, shoot me an email and I will get you...
  13. Airwolf

    Song suggestions for Vampire Theme

    On October 17 I will be playing music for a fundraising footrace called Harvest Night. Runners will be encouraged to dress as vampires. Anyone donating blood within two months of the race will receive a discount on the race fee. So what blood curdling and/or fun songs shall I play. Thriller...
  14. Airwolf

    Creating a Dance Evolution style first dance

    We have a couple that would like us to do this for them. We have the technological capability. Just wondering if anyone here has done it and how much time you feel is the minimum for each song so that brides and grooms can make easy and smooth transitions.
  15. Airwolf

    Bridal Shower Gig - What to Charge

    10:30 to noon on a Saturday. Play a few games, throw in music trivia, and then play some music during lunch. We'll be using the Alesis so nothing to carry in except the Alesis and a CD player (or God forbid, our I-River) Hostess is providing all prizes and props for the games. So basically...
  16. Airwolf

    Neverland preserved like Graceland

    Didn't want to hijack the thread about MJ's death. One person did comment that Neverland will be preserved. I really wonder. Graceland had Priscilla Presley. Neverland has ??? Lisa Marie had Priscilla. Michael Jr., Paris, and Prince have ??? Currently with their grandma, but she is no...
  17. Airwolf

    AP-Brides Poll

    Question number 12 in a poll done by the Associated Press and Conde Nast from 5/28/09-6/1/09. How much do you enjoy each of the following things about weddings? Do you enjoy that a lot, a little, or not at all?) 1000 people surveyed with +/- 3%. First number - a lot Second number - a little...
  18. Airwolf

    DJ arrested - Bride screwed

    So did I get your attention? Well, get your mind out of the gutter, it's not what you think. Received a call from a bride whose wedding is exactly one month from today. She just found out her DJ has been arrested and will be in jail for a verrrry loooong time. He was paid in full and even...
  19. Airwolf

    How do your sales look?

    2009 down 36% from 2008 and down 18% from 2007. It would be even worse if we hadn't added a weekly pub trivia event. The good news is that our clients are all giving us great reviews and one bride just asked me what she had to do to get her wedding pictures on the weddings page of our website...
  20. Airwolf

    Another Black Eye for DJs

    Recently I posted that DJ Scott Hickman had passed away. Apparently it never occurred to Scott that he could die and someone would need to handle things for his company and estate. His company phone numbers still ring but there is no answering machine and no person answering either. When you...