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  1. RFrong

    Who else was left out of the R&R H.O.F.?

    Dove-tailing off the KISS tread... Everybody knows that the R&R HOF is a bit of a joke...both, because of those who are in and because of those who were left out. Partly based on the standards already demonstrated by the HOF, here are just a few notables (and this just scratches the surface)...
  2. RFrong

    Song ID Help Please

    I have a Father/Daughter looking for a song that begins with the spoken phrase "What's Up Daddy" or something like that. I have reason to believe that that phrase is NOT part of the title. It is not Landslide. We have no idea what era song it might be but I'm trying to find out. The Bride...
  3. RFrong

    Ricky Martin Anyone?

    I was thinking about him today (God only knows why)...haven't played anything by him for years now. Does anybody still play him? Do you foresee his hit songs making any sort of comeback as his core audience of (then) teeny-boppers are approaching marrying age? I bring this up because last...
  4. RFrong

    Silhouette Grand Entrance

    4 or 5 Years ago on Mark Ferrell's old forum, I saw a video of a Grand Entrance where the B&G emerged from a silhouette projected (from behind) onto a screen. THEY WERE the silhouette that magically came to life. A great illusion. If you know what I'm talking about, and if you know how it...
  5. RFrong

    Great video from the Royal Wedding
  6. RFrong

    German Grand March?

    Is there a particular song that Germans use for the Grand March? I've got lots of Polkas, and a few that will do nicely, but is there is a specific song I should know about?
  7. RFrong

    Did Ray Charles record You Are So Beautiful?

    This is an extension of a thread from 2006, where DunlopJ asked if Ray ever recorded "You Are So Beautiful". As most already know, it is the hit by Joe Cocker that is often mistaken for "The Genius", and that mistaken identity is propagated by misidentification through LimeWire & the like...
  8. RFrong

    Beach Boys Bombshell! SMiLE!!!!!????

    Old-timers, collectors and Rock & Roll history buffs (I know there's a few who hang out here) appears that the "Greatest Rock & Roll Album Never Heard", may finally see the light of day! Over the weekend, Al Jardine (who joined the Beach Boys on stage for the first time in 17 years), gave...
  9. RFrong

    Pro Teams "Signature" songs?

    This was born of the Non-Top 200 thread... At Colorado Rockies home games, you will always hear Bruce Channel - Hey Baby in the 8th inning. When the Avalanche starting line-up is announced, they play Scalped - Dick Dale. Fenway - Sweet Caroline, and if Paplebon comes in (as long as he is not...
  10. RFrong

    Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

    ...and the inductees are: Neil Diamond Darlene Love Alice Cooper Tom Waits Dr. John Non-Performers: Jac Holzman and Art Rupe Musical Excellence: Leon Russell (the latter was formerly named the Sidemen category. Now called "Musical Excellence") And the losers: LL Cool J...
  11. RFrong

    Piracy Crackdown?

    FYI, Below is a copy of an e-mail I received this afternoon at my radio station... "Last June I sent an e-mail urging the music community to become more engaged in the fight against online theft. The result -- over 16,000 e-mails imploring Congress to pass aggressive laws to combat...
  12. RFrong

    9 Year Old's Birthday at a Wedding - Help!

    I just found out that the Groom's son is turning 9 tomorrow (9/18) and the client wants me to do "something". I'd like to make a big deal about it and do something really creative and fun. This is a very small and casual wedding at a very high end venue (and a really fun couple). Is...
  13. RFrong

    Denon HD 2500 problem

    My unit has only been used 4 or 5 has been flawless until recently. It lost connectivity to the usb hub mid-song and stopped cold. I rebooted and noticed the USB indicator on the main screen was flickering erratically (as opposed to flashing at regular intervals), which suggests...
  14. RFrong

    2 HD Failures, Same Night. Uh Oh.

    Not once...TWICE! Same gig! I need advice, but's ow it went down. I have 2 harddrives...a (1) Seagate 250, and a (2) Seagate FreeAgent 250. Last week I was using (2) in a room with a ton of static (thick carpet). During cocktails, when I touched my controller...ZAP! The...
  15. RFrong

    Recent Country Dance Hits??

    I've been ignoring Country Music for the past couple of years (Big & Rich left a bad taste). Since Country hits have a tendency to come and go so quickly, it doesn't take long to get behind. Last I knew Honkytonkbedonketc was the big thing. I've looked around, but I haven't found a 'list' of...
  16. RFrong

    R.I.P. Jim Carroll

    Somehow, this one slipped through my radar, but Jim Carroll died of an apparent heart attack on the 11th. He lived an amazing/tragic life. Jim was considered a literary genius by the time he was 13. He also had a promising career as a basketball player, but he chose the drug fueled...
  17. RFrong

    Ultimate Name That Mystery Tune Challenge

    You know when guests come up and ask: "Do you have that song?...I don't know the name of it, or who sang it...but it sorta sounds like da-da-da-da da da -" etc. Don't you hate that? Well I got one for you...and only those worthy need attempt this one! I got a song in my head...and its...
  18. RFrong

    HELP! Hand Truck Wheel Replacement.

    I have a Milwaukee with a blown tire. So I went out and picked up a couple of flat-free tires...but I can't get the old wheels off! They're being held in place by a 'push-on' retaining ring, and I can't, for the life of me, get it to budge. WHAT'S THE TRICK? I've tried using two...
  19. RFrong

    Lavalier Talk - Need Advice

    Time to upgrade...I put it off long enough... Here're some UHFs in the accepted FQ range that caught my eye: Shure PG188/PG185 Dual Lavalier System Audio Technica Freeway 700 (ATW 701L) VocoPro UHF 3200 pak Dual Channel These are for ceremony use...I normally wire both the groom and...
  20. RFrong

    Aspen Cancels NYE! Bomb Threat!

    Police had to evacuate a 16 block area of downtown Aspen until 4am on New Years Eve! Can you imagine? 16 blocks covers pretty much all of Aspen...all of the major hotels would have been affected. NYE is HUGE in Aspen as it is peak season. I'm sure there were many high dollar, celebrity...