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  1. DJ Wes

    Kinda a New Idea

    While I have not done this, I know for a fact that it is being done by others. Who exactly, I can't remember. Edit to include: I think many are doing it with a pan and tilt capable camera. Maybe even DMX controlled.
  2. DJ Wes

    HD Video Cameras

    I'm using Adobe Premier Elements. I also have Roxio, which runs fine.
  3. DJ Wes

    HD Video Cameras

    I'm with Jamey. I too own the Q3HD. It's great. Here's a video I took with it last week. 1080p on Vimeo 1080p on Youtube Here's some friends of mine jamming in a club with standard stage lighting. I set this...
  4. DJ Wes

    HD Video Cameras

    Why do you say that once uploaded it's no longer HD? YouTube and Vimeo both support HD video.
  5. DJ Wes

    An Amazing Documentary...

    Yes, I got it night before last and watched it last night. Found myself laughing out loud at times and in utter amazement at other times. While Carol Kaye didn't age well, she was pretty hot in the 50s & early 60s. As a fellow bass player myself, I would like to see a movie/documentary made of...
  6. DJ Wes

    Anyone get the Wedding Wire Bride's Choice Award yet?

    Okay. Everyone let's congratulate Greg on winning the Cheesiest DJ in the World for 2011. ;) :) Be careful what you wish for........
  7. DJ Wes

    HD Video Cameras

    I've been shooting and editing HD video for over a year on an i3 w/8 gig Ram. No problems what so ever.
  8. DJ Wes

    Anyone get the Wedding Wire Bride's Choice Award yet?

    I have never 'faked' any review. I have 17 on WW and I'm proud of each and every one.
  9. DJ Wes

    Anyone get the Wedding Wire Bride's Choice Award yet?

    Yes, I got mine. It's already up on my website. I think it has to do with the number of reviews and their quality. Congrats to Byron and Cap.
  10. DJ Wes

    An Amazing Documentary...

    Go to eBay and type in 'The Wrecking Crew'. Scroll down a bit and there you go. Edit. I just purchased it. It appears they only had the one copy. Sorry guys.
  11. DJ Wes

    The new American Idol

    Brian, There's a reason it's the most watched program in the history of TV. It ain't a fluke. Not 10 years straight and counting. I too was very impressed with Steven Tyler. He knows what he's talking about. I expected some half-baked, drugged-out, brain-dead has-been.
  12. DJ Wes

    An Amazing Documentary...

    I want to see this BAD! Thanks for posting Here's some more MUST-SEE music documentaries.
  13. DJ Wes

    Snow On Maui!

    Mark, it actually was Florida. There was a time just last week that Florida was the only state that had no snow.
  14. DJ Wes

    So I was wondering why....

    Please tell me you do not work at NASA.
  15. DJ Wes

    DJ Insurance Question

    I've had to do this before. At a Temple just like your describe. Get the Temple's fax number and then contact your insurer and ask them to fax what they need. They do it all the time. It's no biggie.
  16. DJ Wes

    New Promo Video

    Wow!!!! Very well done.
  17. DJ Wes

    Built my own Media Booth

    Where did you buy the case kit?
  18. DJ Wes

    Monday Night Unofficial After Party

    Hey, those leather flamed bras are expensive.
  19. DJ Wes

    Dance Floor Initials

    My wife uses Photoshop.