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    Dual Sub w. crown xti-4000

    I got a crown xti-4000 to run my subs; I currently own to harbinger subs 18inch 400 rms; but i'm prolly gonna get rid of them and I want a dual sub maybe eventually two to really have that boom in my system; I currently use jbl tops pushed bye qsc amp looking at JBL MRX 528 Peavey sp...
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    PLAYLIST Question

    Here the situation; basically i'm updgrading laptops. I currently use 2 programs for dj purposes; I initally started with Virtual DJ v 5.1 and then purchased M-Audio's Torq... I have a number of playlists organized in Windows Media Player that I use for casual listening at the house or for...
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    URGENT HELP; Comedy Club Gig; Sound Effects??

    Background Well, as I have been getting my name out there and doing private parties, and weddings and other events since earlier this year, I landed a last minute gig for Thursday at this up and coming Comedy Club. I went out to the place last week, and they had a drunk for a dj who had a...
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    Good buy from Pawn Shop on CdJs?

    I found a pair of Pioneer cdj-800s, $650 for the pair, and i know i can negotioate with the owner; i believe they are first edition; it says year 2000 on bottom for model year i guess. I've been waiting to get my own. pawn shop offers 30day money back guarentee. I know they sell new for 599...
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    1st System, Amp/ Scalability configuration

    I am a "newbie" dj that has been renting equipment, and recently just invested in a pair of JBL Jrx115s. I bought on a real good sale from guitar center. I was considering a pair of Active Behringer 215A. But I guess to late for that debate. My question is this, I haven't purchased the amp...