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    Ben Stowe LIVE in Atlanta Shoot me an email if you want more info
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    On a scale from 1-10

    On a scale from 1 - 10 with 1 being "good enough" and 10 being "the very best entertainer that YOU can be" how would you rate yourself? If you picked anything less than 10, what do you need to do / achieve to rate yourself higher?
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    How many times do you

    How many times each year do you attend some sort of performance training? Should you attend attend performance training workshops more than once? What do you think are the best training programs to develop your talent / artistry?
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    I've never lost a gig because of..

    I've often seen DJs post or heard them say "I've never lost a gig because of ________" How do you know?
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    Anybody need a Mobile Beat Pass

    Does anyone need / want a MB full pass?
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    Free list of games

    Got Games? If you're doing holiday corporate parties you'll probably need some new games. How about 80 of them! The Minute To Win It website has lots of them listed. I've put them all together in a FREE PDF that you can download if you want. ==================== READ THIS FIRST...
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    Fun little pricing poll

    Hmmm, will it die with no responses or have multiple pages? OK kiddos we've kinda tip-toed around it a bit. How about we dive in head first. How much (not dollar amount unless you want to mention it) do you charge? AND WHY?
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    How many songs in a set list

    I'm working on some updates to the UPL for everyone. I've got a question for you. How many songs would you like to see in a given set? 3,4,5? More? Would you rather have a list of 10-20 songs to make up a set, or would you prefer a list of just a few songs? To me it seems like a list...
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    The $5 DJ

    Yep there really is a DJ for $5
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    Favorite kid songs

    What are your "biggest hits" among kids 12 and under?
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    Have you heard this yet?

    This is probably my new favorite song!! Go Hanson
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    Minute to Win It

    There's yer new corporate gameshow.
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    10 Things I Hate About Being A DJ

    What are some of the things you dislike the most about your job as a DJ? I'm not really talking about the person who tells you the music sucks, but more like things pertaining to the business of being a DJ. Sales presentations, marketing, contracts, forms, time management, taxes and that...
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    How much would it cost for you to quit

    If you were to get a job offer of a job that required you to not have any 2nd job, how much would they have to pay you for you to quit being a DJ? (please don't try to answer with exceptions to the scenario, it's a simple question that anyone can understand and looks for only a simple answer...
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    How long til this forum is fixed?

    Been getting the little red X's for a while now. I appreciate that you guys got it to stop jumping, but now can you bring over the rest of the graphics? Anybody got an idea of when it will be complete?
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    WWYD with $10,000

    If someone told you that they "could" give you $10,000, but you had to convince them that they should, what would you say? Why should someone give you $10,000 and what would you do with it?
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    Fat DJs

    Are you in good shape? Do you look like you're in good shape? Would a stranger that sees you for the first time think you are healthy or unhealthy? Since its a new year and many resolve to get in better shape, I'm wondering who thinks they look their best.
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    DJ Skirts Facade set up video

    In case you've ever wondered what it takes to set one up. Here's a little video showing the set up in real time.
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    What would you do

    What changes if any do you think need to occur in the DJ industry and what can YOU do to help?
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    Which do you need more: Gear or Training?

    Especially at this time of year we as DJs talk about the new gear we want. Why? Do you "really NEED" more gear to do your job, or even to do your job better? Have you mastered the basics? Can you command a room and move an audience with just your voice or a look? What training do...