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  1. RobbyRob

    Beta Testers Wanted

    Hey Everyone, I have been involved with a new custom software system that we built to run our company about 8 years ago. Its been ever evolving and we decided that what we had was really awesome ant to release it to the public. Its a cross between constant contact, DJ intelligence and DJ...
  2. RobbyRob

    Trade Show Listings

    This question geared more to the vendors on here. I'm looking for a list of trade shows that one would buy in as a vendor for our industry. DJ, Photography, hotel /bar management I know of the big ones: Mobile Beat LV DJ Times AC LV Dj show I could Google whats out there, but i know...
  3. RobbyRob

    POLL: What tools do you use to run your business

    Im doing some market research and im looking to find out, of those who use some sort of tool to run their business, what are you using. DJ Inelligence DJEventplanner Ewebmin Combination of above Custom database/proprietary software Other
  4. RobbyRob

    Technics Headphones on WOOT Today

    Today's tech deal of the day are Technics RP-DJ1205 Pro DJ Stereo Headphones for $79! Great deal if you need new cans! still in stock as of 10:30 am EST
  5. RobbyRob

    battery powered puck charging

    Quick question. For battery powered blizzard lights, how long will the battery hold a full charge without use? For example, if i charge up the pucks Thursday night then pack them away for a saturday gig, am i good?
  6. RobbyRob

    Akiyama Gear

    i saw these controllers on the Native Instruments site while looking at the new update for Traktor they are based out of Spain and basically knock off all other brands, but look like they have some neat controllers. Any way to get these in the states or anyone...
  7. RobbyRob

    DJ in a Box
  8. RobbyRob

    New Pioneer Serato DJ

    I was never a fan of Itch and currently use Traktor pro but the new Serato DJ software looks really good. New Pioneer controller for it looks pretty sick too! 4 channels, 2 mic inputs, xlr out, wall powered, and analog mixer w/ 2 extra line/phono inputs...
  9. RobbyRob

    1 day expo pass

    Any vendors have a 1 day exhibit pass promo code? Have a friend coming last min with us today. Prime cuts used to have codes in the past
  10. RobbyRob

    QSC K Sub

    anyone running one with EONS or other powered speakers? I know they pair up w/ the k series speakers but im thinking of picking one up to run w/ my EON G2s. Anything i need to know?
  11. RobbyRob

    New Pioneer Controller WOW pretty cool piece of gear
  12. RobbyRob

    90 degree XLR adapters?

    its a tight fit coming out of my mixer. are there angled xlr adapters or do i have to buy a real short XLR that have an angled head and plug in my mixer cables?
  13. RobbyRob

    Flat Par Storage / Cases

    Looking to see what everyone is using to transport their flat pars. currently i have 24 old led par cans with bases that i transport in road cases that hold 8 lights each. switching over to ETL Flat Par pros and looking for a solution to hold 30 lights preferrerble 10 per case. what works...
  14. RobbyRob

    Photo Booth Prints / Frames

    Does anyone offer acrylic frames to put print outs in to give to guests? had a client ask for them. found a few sites that wholesale a variety of them. Anyone have a good site for these and how much do you sell them for? was thinking between $2 - $3 per person if they are just getting the 2 x...
  15. RobbyRob

    Photo Booth Printer Advice

    For those of you who have a photobooth: Which printer do you use? Prefer a printer that does its own cuts or do you cut the photo strips manually? How many average prints do you do at an event? How many average gigs do you get before you need to change ink/ paper?
  16. RobbyRob

    Speaker Re-Furb

    I recently picked up another used JBL Eon to compliment the 2 i already have. I need to get a new front Grill for the one i just bought. Is there a good place to get replacement parts? found this place but not sure if they are a good price
  17. RobbyRob

    2011 AC Expo announcements / New Gear ?

    anyone have any rumors of any big announcements coming out of the Expo this year? Last year we had the Denon MC6000 release and the new VDJ update
  18. RobbyRob

    multi outlet extension cords

    I'd like to make my own custom mox cords for uplighting. want a few different sizes, but i can't seem to find the inline receptacles found on the commercially made ones. I know some people on here made their own so looking for advice. FYI im not interested in zips Also, another question. I...
  19. RobbyRob

    Mac Denon HC4500 help needed

    i just picked up a 15" mac pro (i5 4 gb) to use with Traktor Pro and my hc4500 Traktor installed and running great, hc4500 installed and runs except i can't for the life of me get the controller to output to be in stereo channel A Left and Right and channel B left and right. I can assign A to...
  20. RobbyRob

    denon hc4500 tech question

    hello all i want to use my hc4500 with the cd drawers but want both to go through channel 1 and 2 on my mixer and keep 3 and 4 open for my numark d2 director as my back up on same rack. can i run both the midi controller and cd outputs through the rca inputs using 2x Rca y adapters...