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    Best Prepaid Mifi For Pulselocker

    I have been using Pulselocker with cellular data and find its slow at downloading I'm thinking of going with Mifi a dedicated internet connection and want to know what is the best out there. thanks

    Im So Ugg

    I really don't want a subscription service so I can use software to run my business, is there any stand alone program out there that dose contracts, and finical in one?

    Want To Use Classic Par Cans

    I have 8 Par 46 cans circa 1987, I would like to use them but need a controller/dimmer pack, don't want to spend a lot any Ideas?

    Certificate Of Liability

    in my 28 years as a dj I have never needed or beensasked for a certificate of Liability until now. Because the event this Friday was for a Non-Profit I was going to charge them 100.00 then they asked for the C of L, a 1 event C of L would cost me 104.00 so the job would have been a lost of...

    Hc4500 Sound Card Issues

    Ok I am back to using Rocket Pro, I was using the 2 USB cards on my Mixer but wanted to try something, I and using the 1 usb cable from the HC4500 but both decks play on ch 1 whats wrong.

    B112W Bluetooth Speakers

    I want to go wireless, so I have 2 choices, Option 1 Berhingers B112W with and Bluetooth transmitter and 3.5mm to Stereo XLR Female adapter. Option 2 Berhingers B112D with Zennheiser wireless Speaker package with all parts to run on AC power from Cost for Option 1 is $650.00 or...

    Looking at new DJ software?

    Hi guys, I'm going for a $20,000.00 Grant and since Capt. Rick has passed I'm not sure if Rocket Pro will get customer service or updates, so im looking for a second DJ program as a backup. I am using a Denon HC4500 Midi controller, any suggestions. R.I.P. Rick you will be forever missed.

    Sad News

    Rick Cimorelli, Owner of Softjock was killed in a car accident, no info on what happened. Info directly from R.I.P. Rick you will truly be missed.:(

    Need Help with GigBuilder

    Hello fellow Djs, I'm trying to set up the client portal of Gig builder and need help, I watched the video on youtube but cant seem to get it right, If you can help me I would appreciate it.
  10. GEPLLC

    switching to Digital contracts

    I'm using a iMac and want to know if there is a easy to use booking software for DJs, Video, and photo. cant see paying 600.00 for infomanager 3.5