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  1. Bryan Foley

    Karaoke SEMINAR at Mobile Beat Vegas 2006

    Come listen and learn from some great leaders in the Karaoke Industry in the BIG ROOM at Mobile Beat Las Vegas this year. WHEN you ask...this Feb 23nd 2006 at the Mobile Beat Convention in Las Vegas. This panel will take place on Wednesday at 8 AM and will cover many aspects of improving your...
  2. Bryan Foley


    In this time of year we often play Holiday Music and I want to share a new album with you guys and gals that you must add to your PERSONAL COLLECTION. It is the new Christmas album by DIANA KRALL - Christmas Songs. She was meant to sing these songs and with a great swinging styles from the...
  3. Bryan Foley

    BEST NEW Wedding Dance Songs

    As DJ's the history dates back to when it was our job to break music (Radio mainly). Taking that into reason what songs are you offering your clients as suggestions for First Dance Songs these days that are new. I will start. I truly believe that the song by KEITH URBAN - "Making...
  4. Bryan Foley

    ADJA Newsletter NOW in Mobile Beat Magazine

    I hope everyone has had a chance to see the new issue of Mobile Beat Magazine and the 4 page quarterly ADJA newsletter that is included on the magazine. We will be expanding the newsletter to include updates from local chapters and from around the country. If your local chapter has some...
  5. Bryan Foley

    ADJA National NEWSLETTER NOW in Mobile Beat

    I want to tell everyone that the ADJA Proudly announces the National Newsletter for the 4th qtr. is now published in Mobile Beat Magazine. One of the benefits of the ADJA, is a subscription to Mobile Beat Magazine so they will get the newsletter in their mailbox. The best thing is to get the...
  6. Bryan Foley

    MONDAY Special - PCDJ KJ Program

    We are offering the New PCDJ Karaoke Stand Alone program for the introductory price of $149.99 This is the same price you will find it at the Mobile Beat Show. After the show it will go back to it's regualar cost of $179.99. This is a stand alone product that will run independently of...
  7. Bryan Foley

    PCDJ Karaoke Program Pre-Show SALE

    As many of you know I will be hosting the Monday Night Karaoke Welcome Party along with Joe Martin and Ken Heath, and the show is being sponsored by the new PCDJ Karaoke Program. As the lead beta tester in this program I must say I am proud that we have created a great program that will enhance...
  8. Bryan Foley

    Super Bowl predictions

    Well before the first round of Playoffs begin it is time for our anual Super Bowl predictions. Here are your choices: AFC........................................NFC New England.......................Philadelphia Kansas City.........................St. Louis...
  9. Bryan Foley

    Video RIPPING Software - I LOVE THIS

    Found a program called "INTER Video - DVD Copy" and man I must say it is the simplist program for ripping my Promo Only files to Mpegs. You openthe program and click on the customize button. Select the source (your DVD Rom drive or Burner) and the destination (Your hard drive folder for...
  10. Bryan Foley

    MAPDJ Convention In Minnesota NOV 10 & 11 WHO's Going

    Just got the plane tickets today. Have had some recent health problems and am looking forward to a change of scenery. Who all is going to this show. Look forward to seeing you there. Arriving Sunday noon and leaving Wednesday noon.
  11. Bryan Foley

    ORLANDO REPORT.....Long Post

    Well I must say that I am beat from a great week in Orlando. I met and networked with many great people and am recharged and ready to get going. I want to thank Mike Bonacourso, Jimmy Johnson, Iris Fox and the Mobile Beat Team for making feel like part of the family and I am forever...
  12. Bryan Foley

    The New PHONE BOOKS are here...New Phone Books are here...

    Got the new phone books today for the St. Pete area of Florida and I must say I was supprised that the Disc Jockey selection was smaller than previously. I do not advertise in the YP but was supprised to see a lot of other DJs have dropped the book BUT one very well known DJ on the boards is...
  13. Bryan Foley

    GOLF Trivia NEEDED

    Looking for Golf Related Trivia. I just got contacted by a Golf Magazing to do Game Show Mania at a New Greg Norman Championship Course in Central Florida tomorrow afternoon. Looking for and Club Heads who have any trivia for golfers they can email my way. Thanks and I'll let you know how...
  14. Bryan Foley


    Sunday afternoon from 6-8 PM Poolside at the Raddison Twin Towers I will be hosting the Karaoke Opening Night Bash. We will be providing the sound and system for this event. I look forward to seeing everyone there as we welcome Mobile Beat to Florida. It will feature Floribbean Music as we...
  15. Bryan Foley


    Sunday afternoon from 6-8 PM Poolside at the Raddison Twin Towers I will be hosting the Karaoke Opening Night Bash. We will be providing the sound and system for this event. I look forward to seeing everyone there as we welcome Mobile Beat to Florida. It will feature Floribbean Music as we...
  16. Bryan Foley

    American Idol RESULTS Final

    Thanky you I will take my congrats now.. Got all 3 low voters and CARMEN took the walk. Next week it will be between JOSH, TRENYCE and KIM
  17. Bryan Foley

    It's MONDAY - KARAOKE SPECIALS for the Week 3/17-24

    Well hello and here are some great specials on KARAOKE CDG's from the shop Orders over 100.00 get free shipping (Sound Choice excluded from the free shipping special...sorry) Sound Choice Spotlight Series $26.00 Sound Choice Star Disc Series $21.00 Sound Choice Power Picks Series...
  18. Bryan Foley

    Any NEXTEL users going to VEGAS

    I am a NEXTEL user and now that they have Nationwide Direct Correct, I was hoping to test it out so that when in Vegas we can use the feature with people we know who are also NEXTEL subscribers. Call me on my cell if you are also NEXTEL and we can link Direct Connect Numbers. Cell # (727)...
  19. Bryan Foley

    BRIDEZILLA tonight on FOX

    Any one going to check this out. It is supposed to be a look at the planning of weddings from various Brides in NY and how they can transform into the Bi%#hes from hell. Looks to be funny.
  20. Bryan Foley

    PRAYERS Needed

    Many of you know and met my brother Tom at last years Mobile Beat Show in Vegas. He and his wife Svetla were there with me. Tom is a DJ and Actor/Stuntman in LA and so is his wife Svetla. A few years ago she was diagnosed with Cancer and has a tumor in her head that can not be operated...