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    Just wondering if anyone listens to or authors podcasts. Industry related or not, I am always interested in listening to new content. I, for example, am a history buff and LOVE Dan Carlin's Hardcore History podcast...Any suggestions?
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    I need a database program!

    I need database software to input client info that is date searchable. What does everyone use?
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    Songs to start runners at a race?

    The song 'The Race" by Yello is PERFECT to start runners off at an event that I do....the problem is, we have staggered starts for the runners and I am looking for 5 or 6 other high energy boosters that are, perhaps, a little off the beaten path. Any other suggestions?
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    I need 3 Taxi hats

    I'm looking for taxi cabbie hats.....I've found some but they want a TON for shipping...I just need 3 of them for a charity (MDA camp) event. Does anyone know where I can get them cheaply...
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    Odyssey parts help?

    So I am hoping to update some of the hardware on an Odyssey case I own. The sales department at Odyssey pointed me to their parts section: If you order a $2.00 1.5" by 1.5" by 1.5" steel corner, JUST ONE, they charge you $13.00 in shipping. For my small order of...
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    What happened to Audiolines?

    Anyone know why their website is gone?
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    Mackie help needed!

    A friend of mine has blown the 6.3 amp slo blow fuse on his Mackie SWA 1501 sub. Since he had 2 subs I asked him to put the GOOD 6.3 amp fuse into the blown sub's socket. It blew too. So I attempted to get a hold of the local Mackie dealer who either refuses to return calls or is out of...
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    Bubble machines

    I'm looking to purchase a bubble machine for an outdoor kid's event. I searched and there are threads from many years ago with old info and was wondering if I could get recommendations for the best value today. Is The ADJ Bubbleblast the best bang for the buck? Thanks for any input.
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    Speaker repair help please...

    Replacing the diaphragm in my Yamaha s115iv. The "left" terminal on my original diaphragm has a red paint mark...yet no + or - indication. The "right" terminal on the replacement unit has a blue paint is marked + Is there a universal color co-ordination for terminals? Is the...
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    Olympics Opening song choices?

    Anyone else here think the choice of KD Lang's rendition of Leonard Cohen's classic "Hallelujah" was the most bizarre choice ever? Bob Costas read the plug that it was Canada's tribute to world peace and I about fell out of my chair wondering what in the world that song has to do with a)...
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    Fluid suggestion needed...HZ1000

    Does Chauvet recommend a specific fluid for their HZ1000? I've tried different fluids and so far i am getting lower than ideal output. Has anyone else found the same?
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    Where to buy or rent oscillating pin spots?

    Everywhere I have attempted to purchase oscillating pin spots they are 'discontinued.' Does anyone know where I might purchase or rent some of these?
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    Can't find song on disc! Help?

    Looking for 'More' the theme from Mondo Cane as done by pianist Marian McPartland. If anyone has ANY idea where I can find this version...I would be very appreciative.
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    In other news....WOW WOW WOW

    If this doesn't make you feel old: Ralph Macchio turns 47 years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Part Needed! Topaz

    I have a Topaz 250 that has a missing 'effect' insert. It is the part that is accessible from the outside of the case that creates the water effect. If anyone knows what I am talking about and can shoot me a price I would really appreciate it.
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    Girl this guy for real?

    You guys know who this DJ is? A college girl asked for some of his stuff the other day. No clue who it was I checked him out on youtube. Interesting. I only watched this one video from last (I think) NYE in Chicago, but what he was doing looked very improbable. He was hovering over a...
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    Official Sit Down or not discussion.

    If we can be civil can we discuss this? I will make a definite statement and invite others to challenge it. In the past 24 hours I have discussed this notion with no less than 5 other event professionals including: 2 DJs (one of them physically impaired) 1 Event/Wedding Planner 1...
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    Hoping for a public apology

    In a recent public thread it was suggested by Bob Dietrich that I was a racist. I would like to clarify that I am NOT and have never made a disparaging remark in ANY fashion that could be deemed racially biased. I feel that I am owed a public apology for this defamation. We can discuss...
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    Important Message!

    I had the unthinkable happen tonight. I had a speaker fall and hit a bridesmaid in the head. It was safely positioned, and everything was done correctly in setup to avoid any FORESEEABLE problems... BUT... 20 years of good luck DJing caught up to me. The speaker is a Yamaha...
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    Need to find karaoke track

    Anyone know if there is a karaoke track for Fred Bear by Ted Nugent available? Thanks in advance.