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    Do you use $ signs?

    Do you still use $ signs in your marketing and pricing? If so why? Restaurants for the last few years have stopped because it makes people think "MONEY" rather than what they really wanted....we have stopped over the last month and have seen an actual increase in bookings from it, coincidence?
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    So a bride walks into a company..and writes some checks....

    SO! Here is an interesting situation! We received a call from a company where a check was written to us(several months ago) for a wedding.... the call was received last week, they had asked about a check that was written to us, we told them what it was for (a wedding) and they informed us THEY...
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    DJ ejected from ballgame...
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    Custom Steel LED Gobo? Whats your reccomendation!?

    Hi There! I was wondering if you all had any TIPS or links to some LED GOBO projectors, mostly to project pattersn custom steel gobos etc. Looking for a bright option, thanks!
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    Nimbus Dry Ice and power draw

    I see there are TWO elements in the Nimbus options, one what draws around 1200 watts(or so) and another that combined is over 3000 watts...does anyone know how this thing handles a regular outlet and is the one or two element heating optional or is there a switch on it? Thanks!
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    Dave Ramsey Says, Use an Ipod at your wedding
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    New product to offer...DJaoke....Monday Morning is here... Wow..just wow....
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    Suggestions for speakers - mobile beat

    Its great to hear from other DJ's, etc, maybe some guy from the RIAA..but I honestly can't say that there was one speaker last year at MBLV that talked "business" or was a small business owner turned multimillionaire. I have attended three seminars, much smaller than MBLV where they had some...
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    Southwest Travel Sale Going on Now..

    49.00 one way to vegas from some cities....
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    Ever had a great wedding, than a "Monday morning bride" out of the blue?

    What I call a "Monday Morning Bride". The bride who had all the attention on her for the last 6-12 months, planning, going shopping with girlfriends, mothers, being able to tell her fiance what to do, when where how for the wedding, ordering vendors around, spending more money than she ever...
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    Hot new song of 2012...Krispy Kreme....

    This is gonna be hot...
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    Best or Worst Best Man Speech Ever? Wow...
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    Touch my boobies.... :)
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    Video Services - Whats your pick

    Kinda doing a vote here. I am stuck between going with: PROMO ONLY (which has a reputation of not really editing ANYTHING in the video) and TM STUDIOS or TOP HITS PLEASE NOTE - A majority (90%) of our stuff is for school events (high school etc)...
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    Fun at the Rivera
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    DUE TO AN ADOBE UPDATE THE MEDIA DOWNLOADER IS TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE. WE ARE WORKING ON RESOLVING THIS ISSUE . This has been on the site since I signed up, paid my money and cannot download the download tool. I signed up for this site to get videos to review for prom season before I...
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    Amusing - Dj's = Cheap

    I find it amusing when DJ's post on facebook. Get me a cheap, I need it cheap, whats the cheapest, how car is cheap...but want our clients to pay top dollar and jump on anyone who is cheap...I think most DJ's can't rub two nickles together in reality but their ego is whats not cheap....
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    Fat Tuesday Party Music

    Anyone have any good tracks that would be played in NOL at Mardi Gras, I am doing a Fat Tuesday party before a band starts and would love some suggestions as I have never been to Mardi Gras!
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    Quinceañera / Teen Party

    I had a call the other day and it got me thinking..I dont know ANYTHING about these! I would love to start a educational thread on what you do, how you do it and what these are about? Perhaps we can event get this thread STICKY(d) with the right info? Below is some info from wikopedia..but...
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    Sweet Sixteen Party Requests from Sweet Sixteen Girl...

    This is her email: Will post pics next week and a final playlist... PLAY- TOP 40 Escape (Piña Colada Song) Build Me Up Buttercup Wobble occasional *NSYNC and BSB DO NOT PLAY- Cha Cha Slide or ANY other song like that Sandstorm Dub Step