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    Help with a little tomfoolery.

    O.K, so a friend of mine is opening a new restaurant. People in our town have been clamoring for both a Red Lobster and an Olive Garden for years. So, we decided to have some fun with it, and combine the two into a single restaurant. This isn't what he's opening at all, but it's fun to get...
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    Awesome new iPad app

    Just came across this new DJ app for iPads. Yes, I know there are others out there, but this one takes it to a whole new level, taking advantage of the new features in iOS 4.2. 1. You have full access to the music library on the iPad. (others didn't get to play every song you had without...
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    The iPad

    Is FREAKING sweet. Wow, Apple hit a home run here.
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    We did it again!

    Another big laser show at the theater. Very similar setup to the one recently. Band was on a stage on a stage, and people danced on stage. We finally own our own quality lighting console now, an AvoLites Rollacue Pearl 2000. Best moving head controller I've ever used. Equipment list...
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    Halloween is a good reason to set up the lasers.

    Just posted some pics of the lasers we set up for a haunted corn maze. Out of the barn we had a large YAG beam along with a couple HES Studio Colors and spots outside. Inside the barn were a couple studio colors as well which made an awesome effect of light through the barn walls. Then, we...
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    The lasers at the wedding didn't suck.

    Just got home from the most hi-tech lighting show I've ever seen at a wedding. The wedding reception was on the stage of a theater. We did the lasers. They had a 12 piece band play for the entertainment. Lighting consisted of the standard stage lighting plot plus 12 1200 watt Cyberlight...
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    Lasers that don't suck - at a wedding, no less!

    Well, I'm part of the COOLEST wedding ever. It's being held at a local theater and they went insane with the lighting budget. I got the job for JUST the lasers. They spent in excess of $10K JUST ON LIGHTING for this show. We will have a total of 3 lasers set up. A large frame white...
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    An entertaining Tuesday night. This is all done with just a single laser beam. Cool. This was just done for test. Running at about 50% power. The real show tonight will be at 80% power only because we were supplied with 100 amp 208 3 phase instead of the 150 amps that we'd need to...
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    Do you Zune?

    If you do, don't plan on using it for tonight's gig. Word is, there is a bug in the firmware that's causing huge numbers of the machines to fail TODAY. No word from Microsoft when an update may be available. LOL.
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    Lighting controller recommendations

    I'm looking for a simple DMX controller to control 8 LED lights and a few other DMX non-dim devices. This will be for a permanent install in a bar. Essentially, I'll want to create a few scenes and they will be able to switch between the looks. I was looking at the Chauvet DMX-55 which...
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    Why is the title........

    New site look is great, however, the main screen chops thread titles too short. There's plenty of room on the screen, but the titles are still cut off.
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    Cortex playback question

    I have a Cortex HDC-500 and I am looking for a way to get it to play an entire playlist and then stop. Right now, I figured out how to put it in single mode that allows it to play one track, or I put it in regular mode that plays the tracks in order. The problem is when it gets to the end of...
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    Looking for Yamaha CM10V monitor speakers

    I'm looking for a source for 4 Yamaha CM10V stage monitors with covers. Looking for delivery to 54401 by 6-22-07. Any dealers here carry them? Thanks.
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    LED par can replacement

    I am looking to purchase some LED par cans. I have a budget of $900, and need 6-8 instruments. What I currently have is a custom fixture with 3 150 watt MR16 lamps that mix RGB. The result is a fairly nice color wash, but I want to replace them with LED lights. They are used for internally...
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    Apple wants an end to DRM!

    Read about it here. What would be nice to see, instead of the DRM, would be to have the original downloader's information tagged to each downloaded file. That way, when it gets uploaded onto the internet, you could find out who was the...
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    Universal deserves a cut of your money....

    Universal today accused all owners of non-Zune music players of stealing music, according to a report from Billboard Magazine. The major record label last week revealed that it had struck a deal with Microsoft to collect royalties on each Zune player sold. "We felt that any business that's built...
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    Would you rather compete with

    A startup company that had the financial backing to come in with top quality gear and higher rates, but little experience, or someone with no financial backing and crappy gear that had years of experience working for someone else, charging a low rate to build a business?
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    Custom road cases

    Anyone know of a good source for custom built road cases? I need a large one built for a laser projector, 66X20X20 internal dimensions with 2" foam and all the goodies. Preferably someone near Wisconsin to keep shipping costs low. Quality is a priority, as long as the price is reasonable.
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    Recent Poll

    There was a recent poll done in America asking people whether or not they think that illegal immigration is a problem in the US. The results, you may find interesting. 37% responded "Yes, there is a problem" 22% responded "No, there is no problem" 41% responded "no habla engles"
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    My new baby

    Well, moving into the world of big lasers, we sent in our broken SP171 argon laser to be remanufactured into a white light mixed gas laser. I just got some pictures of it being rebuilt, so I thought I'd share them. They right now have the tube outputing 18 watts of power, and it should be...