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    Help with a little tomfoolery.

    Yep, that was a calculated risk. It was determined that the buzz created by the fake restaurant story would be better for business than the few people that would get upset that don't' have a sense of humor.
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    Help with a little tomfoolery.

    O.K, so a friend of mine is opening a new restaurant. People in our town have been clamoring for both a Red Lobster and an Olive Garden for years. So, we decided to have some fun with it, and combine the two into a single restaurant. This isn't what he's opening at all, but it's fun to get...
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    The PRX's are a decent line. They are rated at 135dB Peak at 1 meter. If you're just 12 feet in front of the cabinet, that would drop the rated output down to 123db. At 250', the peak output would be about 95db, and that would be really pushing it hard with no headroom available. And the...
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    Freestyler For Mac Now Available!!!

    This is NOT mac software. It's PC software compiled to work in emulation on a mac. This is not better than running in an emulation software such as Parallels, and often can be more problematic. Bummer.
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    Solar Powered Sound System

    Handy little personal sound system. So what?
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    threshold exceeded

    On most machines, hard drive replacement is relatively simple. However, some models make getting to the hard drive quite a chore. It may require significant disassembly of the machine just to get to it. Fortunately, the internet can be helpful in getting directions for most models. Now...
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    Just found my next projector!!

    That's only from a pro rental company. If a DJ buys one, the daily rental would only be $100 an include setup.
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    ...and one more credit card got'cha!

    You have to look at your average monthly transactions to determine if it's worth paying the monthly fee. If you're processing over $2000/month, you are likely going to come out ahead by paying a monthly fee and getting a lower rate. You can then use that system as your primary, and then have one...
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    HAVING BACKUPs at your GIGs, What do you bring?

    I make sure that I can operate if any one piece of equipment fails, I can still perform the event. The only piece that would create significant difficulty would be a mixer failure, as that's the heart of the system. I do have backup available, but that would require the most re-patching and...
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    ...and one more credit card got'cha!

    Square and Google checkout will have more restrictions on cards they can use, as they see a higher instance of fraud, and it's harder for them to come after you if a fraudulent card gets passed through. (and yes, they will try) With your First Data processing, if a fraudulent transaction...
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    Debit/Credit Card Processing Fees: Pass It On or Eat It?

    Actually, many cards offer a cash back discount when using the card. Most of my cards offer 1% back on all purchases. On a $1000 transaction, that's $10. Yeah, not much, but if I can get $10 just by swiping the card and paying my bill, I'm going to do it. Using a credit card offers...
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    Expensive Stereos

    In audiophile world, it's all about the buzzwords. electromagnet-powered woofers and Tara Labs cables listed in a brochure will add a couple extra zeros to the price, without question.
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    Debit/Credit Card Processing Fees: Pass It On or Eat It?

    What other businesses can you think of that charge you extra to use your credit card? Would you do business there if you were being charged extra? Now, how do you think your clients will feel if you tack on an extra charge for taking credit card as a payment. Not worth it at all. Raise your...
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    We're on a Tight Budget ... sales help from an old friend here

    In sales, it's very important to listen to what you're saying to the customer, and put yourself in your customer's shoes. If you have already quoted a price, and they turn you down and now you ask if they got quotes from others, or what their budget is, the customer will feel that you are just...
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    Last Convention Credit Card Reader

    CC processing fees are a cost of doing business, and yes, those costs come off of the profit that you get taxed on, just like any other business expenses. You don't need to line item it as a deduction, but it is figured in the calculations. That being said, the lower you can make your fees...
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    Speaker Repair. Where do you get it done?

    What kind of repairs do they need?
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    Blizzard Customer Service....:(

    Picking something up incorrectly is not a warranty issue. I've had customers come into my store where they've grabbed their laptops by the screen and ended up breaking them because of that. That's not warranty, that's abuse. Sorry.
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    Blizzard Customer Service....:(

    Technically, once it leaves their hands, to the USPS, it's now your problem. However, it's pretty bad customer service to leave a customer hanging. We NEVER ship items in an untrackable way, except for very low dollar items, less than $10. If they don't make it, or the customer complains, we...
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    Holy Gobo, This Is Frustrating!

    Good luck. Printing transparencies will get you crap results, even with the best printers. If you get professionally cut gobos, or a glass gobo made, you might be able to get acceptable results out of the light. Ink jet and laser printers are designed to make great looking print. They...
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    Any pc tablet wizards out there?

    The top two features you list are available on the iPad as well. The micro SD card is limited to getting content into the iPad, and not for additional storage, but it can be done. And the list of available apps for the iPad far outshine those on any android tablet. As far as a music...