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    Looking for artists like cherry poppin daddies

    Hi everyone, I have a client that really likes cherry poppin daddies and the newer swing style music but I dont have any other music like this. Does anyone know of any other newer swing style music like that or she also mentioned stuff similar to whats in the movie with jim carrys the...
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    DMX software ?

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone knew if there were any DMX controler software out there that had any demo software that you could try? Thanks, Joe
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    lighting situation question

    Hi everyone, I was recently at a bar watching a freind play at the bar sneekers in groton CT. Anyway I have been there a few times and knowticed how extreamly old the par 56/64's were at the venue. Granted they still work but I was wondering if maybe upgrading to a basic set of color...
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    Billboard Top 100 for the 1970's?

    Hi everyone, I have found the billboard lists from 1946 upto 1969 and for all the 80's and 90's but cant seem to find a list for the 1970's top 100. Can anybody help? I am trying to build up my music library with some older songs as I don't really have any and figure as a bench mark "so...
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    DJ cars/transport vehicles

    Hi everyone, I am looking to buy a car but also have to consider the DJ Buis. I have borrowed a jeep cherokee before and it was fine but just barely fit all my gear. Also with gas prices on the rise and being a college "kid" I have been contemplating a minivan. If you use a minivan...
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    New Chauvet color changer

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone has had a chance to see or use the new revamped Chauvet color changer. The one thats only around 6 lbs. Any insight would be great thanks. Joe PS How is the wash lens also if anyone knows? Thanks again!
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    Chauvet Nebula users I have a question or 2 for ya!

    Hi everyone, I have a neblua that I just fired up for the first real time and I know some lights when new make a smell and its normal I am just wondering if this 1 is 1 of them? Also when you plug it in and there is no music going is it supposed to do anything? Mine every few seconds will...
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    Whats the most basic computer/laptop system one would need?

    Hi Everyone, I have been considering this for a long time and as much as I would like I can not afford to go with a Custom made DJ computer or laptop. I am looking into buying a laptop for college and basic personal use and am wondering if its possible to also have it be used as a digital...
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    Color changers?

    Hi everyone, Hopefully this will be a simple "?". I know how a color changer works and all but what are some of the ones you would use for between 150-300 per fixure. 300 is on the higher end of what I am looking to spend but if it makes a big difference then it would prob. be worth the...
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    Hi everyone I'm still here

    Hi Everyone, I have not been posting for a while due to college and a few personal situations but I have been lurking on the boards and read, always reading to learn more. I just wanted to say Hi to everyone and that I am still here. I have changed my email address however due to a freeky...
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    Nebula users "?"

    I was looking at my nebula and saw aside from where the U bracket is attached there is another knob, am I right in guessing that this is a focus adjustment? I dont want to mess with it if I don't know what it is. Thanks again, Joe
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    Broken / Lose Mirror fix?

    Hi everyone, I just got my Chauvet Neblua in today. I unpack it and sadly low and behold 1 of the long vertical mirrors on the barrel head has come off / unglued. How do I fix this or do I call chauvet and see about a replacement? I have been waiting a few weeks for it to come in and I...
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    Lighting Dilema and puzzle

    Hi everyone, I may have a slight problem with a light show for tomorrow night. I need to know what you would do in this situation with this gear; 1 AMDJ CC2016 chase pack 4 Par 38 cans with gels, 2 Par 46 cans 1 medium to wide flood the other has a narrow spot bulb W/Gels 2 Par 56...
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    EQ settings diagram?

    Hi everyone, I remember a while back seeing a diagram of how certin freq. on an eq controlled what type of sound "vocals, drums, bass, ect." I can't seem to find this diagram anyone have it or know where to find it? Thanks, Joe
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    Country song help?

    Hi everyone, I heard the song a while back and cant seem to remember the title or artist of the song. It's lyrics in part are like" Back when a hoe was a hoe, a screw was a screw and crack was what you were doin when you were crackin jokes. Help!! Joe
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    Dumb Question but can't remember!

    Hi everyone, This is probably a dumb question and I just cant remember. When wireing up an EQ it goes after the mixer but before the speakers "if running powered cabs" or before the amp if running passive cabs is that right? Or can you run the booth out of a mixer to the EQ and then back...
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    Hi everyone Speech class "?"'s Need input/advice

    Hi everyone, I am currently taking a public speaking course at college and the next speech we are doing this up coming monday is an informative speech. I thought it might be a good or at least helpful idea to do my speech about how to help pick the right DJ for the event and how to avoid...
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    AMDJ Mobile Beam System?

    Hi everyone, Has anyone seen these in person or heard anything? Thanks, Joe
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    Martin Raptor Vs. T Rex

    If you had to pick between the martins T-rex or Raptor to cover a large area which would you pick? I am leaning tword the raptor but have never seen it run in person so any insight "besides the vid clip on the martin site" would be greatly apreshiated! Thanks, Joe
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    Best bang for the buck effect for under 200.00?

    Hi everyone, Its been a while. Anyway it looks like I'll be doing a hurricane effort dance on the 28th and since my parter and I split our DJ ways "still freinds" he took all his lighting with him to boston and will not be around again till nov. "Temp. in alabama with his G/f". Anyway I...