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    NX200P Yorkie Sub Query

    Hi Gang, I sometimes use an nx200p to fill in the bottom when using my Eon15's. Sometimes it sounds great, other times there's an annoying effect that seems to travel out to the sides of the cab. It's tough to describe. A good example happened at a wedding this Xmas. I was set up in a...
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    Small effects/ fixtures

    Hey Gang, Looking at getting into lighting again - thinking about it at least. But - I've always found the amount of hardware required is a real problem. Also, finding separate circuits to run the lighting is a pita too. If I go back into lighting, I'd need to keep the setup as small as...
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    OTS and M-Audio Audiophile

    Just wondering if anyone is using an AudioPhile sound card with OTSDJ? Need a new card and I'm leaning this way. Thanks, Keith
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    System Number Two completed

    Hey Gang, Thanks to everyone for all the advice in my last couple of posts. Nearly went with the Yorkville EX-1 system for my powered speakers, and also looked at nx25's, nx55's, ls700's and ls720's. Of course plans change! Our local MusicStop dealer just recently became a Lone and...
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    Yorkville YX15P

    Hey Gang, I was at a music centre last night waiting for number one son to finish his guitar lesson. Got talking with the owner and started listening to a few of his Yorkville products. Most I've heard before (and liked!). However, I was pleasantly surprised by the YX15P. Only 200...
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    JBL Eon G2's on e-Bay

    Hi Gang, Just wondering if anyone has bought any of the "B" grade Eon 15 G2's on e-Bay. There are a few vendors there with very strong feedback selling them at a good price - about $1150. They claim to have a full warranty, and they show the cosmetic blemish that make them less than...
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    Yorkville Excursion EX1

    Hi Gang, Looking at adding a second system (again!) and I'm debating my choices for powered speakers. I currently have FBT Maxx6a's for my main system and I'm happy with them, but they're too pricey for a second system right now. I'm aiming this system at weddings for 200 people, office...
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    Noise from monitor coming through sound card - Help!

    Hi Folks, I'm getting some 'digital noise' into the mixer whenever I connect an LCD monitor. If I disconnect the monitor, the noise disappears. It's not really loud, but definitely noticeable in quieter passages. Using a compaq desktop with a sound blaster audio card. Anybody else...
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    Yorkville PR315

    Just wondering if anyone has heard/used these? I know of a clean pair being sold locally. Thanks, Keith
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    Rane MP-2 Mixer

    Hi Gang, Just wondering if anyone is using one of these? Looks pretty attractive to me. Most of my signal mixing is already done by my PC, and I just need a minimal mixer to accommodate a mic, some extra sound sources (emergency cd player, etc.), and a cue channel. A 1U mixer from Rane -...
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    EAW FR-153

    Looking for opinions on these speakers. Sound, quality, bass punch, recommended power - that sort of thing. Thanks Folks! Keith
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    JBL MPro 215 vs 415

    Can somebody explain the difference in these models. Quite a price difference between them. I'd be driving them with a Crown CE-1000.
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    OTs & SB Live 5.1

    Recently, I'm getting some computer noise out of the main output of my SoundBlaster Live 5.1, that I swear wasn't there before. There are some changes that could contribute (changed my cabinetry; possibly a different cable). I have a couple of problems resolving this. I'd like to get a...
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    DAS DS-15A

    Anybody have any experience with these powered cabs?
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    Opera 415 by BD Tech?

    Anybody have experience with these? Looking for info on reliability and sound. Thanks Folk! Keith
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    MP3-based music services?

    I'm currently using ERG and I'm running everything computer-based. The process of picking up the CD's, converting them to mp3's, transferring them to the computer and storing them afterward it getting a bit labour intensive. Basically, it's a PITA. Are any of the services offering a...
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    Phantom power

    I'm wondering if a Numark DM-1720 mixer has phantom power. Anybody know? It's not mentioned in the documentation. If not, what mixers generally do?
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    Need recommendation for headset mic (wired)

    I am currently using a Shure SM-58. I'd like to find a headworn mic that comes close to this quality. Specifically looking for a wired unit. Any advice? Thanks folks, Keith
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    Recommendations for non-rack mixer with balanced outs

    Looking to get away from rack mount for my digital setup. Would like a basic mixer (no effects needed) with at least two inputs, queue channel, 3 band eq, xlr mic input, and balanced outputs. Table top configuration preferred. Doesn't have to be particularly compact, something around...
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    Maya Ex-7 with OTS?

    Anybody running this sound card with OTS-DJ? If so, how does it behave for queuing, etc? Specs look great. Keith