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  1. moonlightdj

    Last Wedding Reception Today

    When you hit the open road, stop in to West Branch, Michigan.. Can't miss the City with the Smile (Smiley Water Tower) at exit 212 on I-75. Enjoy your "slow down" Keep It FUN !!
  2. moonlightdj

    Tornado in Kilmarnock?

    WOW Bill... Glad to see it was just some trees and a fence.. Minor, compared to what "could" have happened. Hope the clean-up goes smooth for you. Keep it FUN!! (without the wind)
  3. moonlightdj

    GREAT compliment last night...

    I had a wedding last night and the Bride and Groom came home from the Virgin Islands. The brides mom booked me a few months ago, and I had no idea who they even were until Thursday July 2nd. I happened to meet the Bride & Groom at the local Beer Tent, where the Chamber of Commerce was hosting...
  4. moonlightdj

    Song help needed.....

    THANX for the limk Rocky, But I'm looking to buy a download. The wedding is TODAY, and the bride e-mailed me last night to add this song. THANX! Keep It FUN !!
  5. moonlightdj

    Song help needed.....

    My bride for TODAY just dropped this on me in an e-mail last night... I'm looking for a song called "I'll Always Be Your Mother" by Lynn Leonit / Jim McShane ANYONE???? THANX! Keep It FUN!!
  6. moonlightdj

    The New AT&T scam

    I'm really not looking forward to the end of "Centennial Wireless". They have been my wireless provider for 10 years. I have switched my home phone and ported my land line buisness number to a wireless also. And now Centennial Wireless has been "Aquired" bty AT&T. Sounds just like the good...
  7. moonlightdj

    TIME: Be A DeeJay

    >>>> Originally Posted by moonlightdj but completly IGNORE the part that you can't teach TALENT. >>>> ............. Of course you can teach talent. do you think every great pianist was great from day one? of course not. most had to take lessons and practice, practice, practice...
  8. moonlightdj

    TIME: Be A DeeJay

    Well, it seems that they focus on teaching the technical things, but completly IGNORE the part that you can't teach TALENT. Although they also don't mention that all you have to do is go to Wal-Mart, buy a laptop, start downloading music and voila, "You're a DJ". I think the article sheds...
  9. moonlightdj

    My youngest employee ever...

    Not really the same "Age" that you are talking about, but my oldest daughter "kid Kelsey" started actually working with me last school year. And a week ago, on May 3rd, she DJ'd a birthday party for one of her closest friends. Next summer she will probably be my full time assistant...
  10. moonlightdj

    USED GEAR = Buy,Sell or Trade for 12 Apr 2009

    I have decided to sell off some of the excess gear that is just sitting around. I have an American Audio DCD Pro310 dual CD player that I used for just under a year, and then one of the decks started to act up. It was sent in to American DJ and they replaced the defective deck. It has been...
  11. moonlightdj

    Parts for American DJ Color-150

    Thanx Steve.. You are 100% correct about where the problem lies. I have repaired a few of them, and actually have used Hot glue to build a "bridge" to help hold the Red Poly capacitor and help to support it so that it is stronger. What I have found is that after continued use, the glue...
  12. moonlightdj

    Parts for American DJ Color-150

    Hi everyone.. I am looking for some parts for American DJ Color-150's. I have found the replacement part on American DJ's website, but really don't want to pay $30.00 each for these circuit boards. They are the part that fires the light bulb. I have 10 fixtures, and in the last couple of...
  13. moonlightdj

    Christian Karaoke Needed FAST!

    Evenin' ALL!! I was aproached tonight about doing some Christian Karaoke on Friday night! The youth at the Church that we attend are participation in the "30 Hour Famine" to raise awareness and money to help feed starving children around the world. The Youth Pastor has asked me to join...
  14. moonlightdj

    Prayer Request Please!!!

    Prayers Sent!! Havin been thru this many times with my father, I wish you and your family only the best!
  15. moonlightdj

    panel connectors

    I know that Carl from Enlightened Designs has them, his web site is I believe that Bill from Entertainment Systems has them also I am going to get some, I just havent gotten around to it yet.. Good Luck! Keep It FUN !!
  16. moonlightdj

    Ever Heard This Before?

    I'd LOVE to see that old sample list.. I am the first to admit ignorance in some Genres.. Keep It FUN !!
  17. moonlightdj

    Who do you think will be President?

    I'll keep my vote private, but I will say this much.. I think that we all need to think long and hard about this decision. I personally refuse to vote in the primary here in Michigan because you have to vote straight ticket. I vote foe PEOPLE not parties. I vote for the person that I...
  18. moonlightdj

    How you can help ProDJ.Com! - Everyone Please Read!!!

    Well, I guess my question is this. And this is NOT directed at you Ed, but "What are you afraid of?" I have said for years that "WE" including myself need to be careful of what we say here, because ANYONE "CAN" read these boards. And trust me "they" do! Keep It FUN !!
  19. moonlightdj

    Backup Stuff

    I also keep a Gament Bag hanging in the trailer FULLY LOADED and ready to go. On Sunday afternoon the pants, socks & shoes and jewelry go back into the trailer. As soon as the shirt is back form the cleaners it goes in too. I have my shirts laundered and pressed after every gig. About 3...
  20. moonlightdj

    you know... you provide them DJ Intelligence, and they give you this....

    Probably the oddest song title I ever had requested was "I'll sail my best to the river runs dry" Anyone know this one... Anyone.... Anyone.... Bueller ??? It's Garth Brooks "The River"... well at least she had a couple of the words from the chorus right.. LOL Keep It FUN !!