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  1. Ken Heath

    What’s Happened To This Forum?

    "the downfall of this forum coincides with the way Waasta, aka Byron was treated with the creshendo being his banning. " Too bad that's 100% bullsh*t! Go ask Byron, HIS actions and HIS determination to continuously and unrepentantly violate the TOS had everything to do with his banishment. I'm...
  2. Ken Heath

    What Has Happened To This Site?

    Steve, There were rules when I was installed as Moderator 19 years ago; since the founder is still the founder, those same rules are still in effect. The only people who have ever been asked to remove themselves have flagrantly and repetitiously violated the rules they accepted for admittance...
  3. Ken Heath


    Yep, this was the third year of it... bigger show floor and more attendees than MBLV with exponential growth each year.
  4. Ken Heath


    Involved in production of three conventions in 12 days! Whew! MBLV (Las Vegas) Arcade Expo (Banning Ca) Photobooth Expo (Las Vegas) Had a great time, saw a ton of people, drove way too many miles!
  5. Ken Heath


    Eldon was my Friend, he will be missed. :hp6:
  6. Ken Heath

    Ryan Burger...

    My friend, Ryan, can only sleep on stacks of old magazines. He's got back issues! :hp23:
  7. Ken Heath

    Greetings My Old Friends

    All my best to Mom and her crew! :love4:
  8. Ken Heath

    Merry Christmas...

    Merry Christmas to everyone!
  9. Ken Heath

    Bridal/fashion Show Tunes

    Primecuts Instrumentals give me all sorts of stuff to use at fashion shows
  10. Ken Heath

    We cannot control what shows up in an internet search, but I will make sure your profile is...

    We cannot control what shows up in an internet search, but I will make sure your profile is deactivated as per your request.
  11. Ken Heath

    Question: When A Bride And Groom Rent A Venue, Who Is Responsible For Supplying Reliable Power?

    The Honda EU2000i is an amazing tool, and can be rented at Home Depot for $50/day, (for those of us who don't live close enough to Cap to rent his ;) ).
  12. Ken Heath

    Customer Eats 99% Of A 16 Oz Steak And Then Wants His Money Back!

    I don't see where you did anything wrong or out of order. It seems to me she was looking for a scapegoat for things she didn't handle properly.
  13. Ken Heath

    Frankenstand Bag Alert...

    From Mike Ryan, aka Dr. Frankenstand... Heads ups Frankenstand customers - I have discover a manufacturing flaw with our speaker bags – if a customer pulls really hard of the top handle if can come unsewn. – bummer. I have notified my manufacturer and together we have agreed on a design...
  14. Ken Heath

    Building Dj Computer

    I use a Dell Poweredge server. I've had it for about 8 years with no troubles. Build it like a gamer computer and max out your RAM!
  15. Ken Heath

    Your Guardian Angel - Instrumental Version

    Here's a piano version too...
  16. Ken Heath

    Your Guardian Angel - Instrumental Version

    Jeff, Here's a youtube link to an acoustic version. Perhaps you can search for the artist of this version and find it?
  17. Ken Heath

    Rip Prince

    I had an Aiwa cassette deck in Japan that had a unique function; You pushed a button and the tape would play backwards... I put in a tape of "Purple Rain" and played the stormy-sounding part before 'Darling Nikki'... here's what it says: Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, (etc) Hello... How are you... I'm...
  18. Ken Heath

    I Love This Stuff..feast Your Eyes

    Of the many red flags, the one overlooked by all so far is the fog machine... it's not up to the client whether or not fog can be used; it depends on the fire control systems of the venue. Could they use that as a "breach of contract" excuse to not pay me should the venue nix the fog? ;)
  19. Ken Heath

    Rip Patty Duke ....

    ...and they're getting closer to MY age! :hp19: