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  1. Larry Williams

    Book Signing @ MBLVXX

    Hello Everyone! On Wednesday and Thursday, during the 2011 Mobile Beat DJ Show & Conference, I will be signing copies of my newest book - Customer Service A to Z. There will also be copies on-hand of my popular DJ business management book - Mind Your Own Business. Location: My table will...
  2. Larry Williams

    Larry Williams on The Crossfader Show - Monday, January 10th

    All this month, The Crossfader Show is spotlighting seminar presenters and others associated with the upcoming Mobile Beat DJ Show and Conference. It's a great way to get an inside look at what to expect in Las Vegas. On Monday (January 10th), I am pleased to be interviewed by host Jose...
  3. Larry Williams

    Customer Service Books

    Simple poll question and follow-up. If you answered YES, which one(s) and what did you learn? If you answered NO, how come and do you plan to? If not, why? Thanks for replying.
  4. Larry Williams

    This book will change the perception of DJs . . . FOREVER!!!

    Press Release I am pleased to announce the release of my new book - Customer Service A to Z. It offers a detailed "tell it like it is" analysis of customer service improvement techniques that are being applauded by many business leaders as being "the most refreshing business book to come...
  5. Larry Williams

    How do you feel about customer service?

    Watch this video all the way through and see if it gets you thinking differently about how you approach customer service. Feel free to share it on Facebook, chat boards and/or any other social media. :)
  6. Larry Williams

    It's all about ME!!!

    I knew that would get your attention! :) I invite all of you to visit my brand spankin' new landing page . . . One of the downsides of being involved with so many things - is having to organize it all, update it all, maintain it all and promote it all. With...
  7. Larry Williams

    How can your employees improve?

    I would love to hear your candid and serious responses to the following question. If you had several people in your employ, what would be some of the most important characteristics you would hope they would possess and/or project on your behalf while in the company of customers? In other...
  8. Larry Williams

    Jaycee Lee Dugard has been found alive!

    Hi Everyone! This is one of the greatest days I have ever enjoyed. 18 years ago, as a young DJ at a local radio station, I was inspired to write a song for a little girl who was kidnapped at Lake Tahoe. With the help of some musicians and a recording studio - we recorded this song and it...
  9. Larry Williams

    B SIDES Seminar by Larry Williams

    Hello Everyone! I wanted to start this thread so as to continue the conversation about my upcoming seminar and exciting "new" concept that will be debuting next month in Tennessee. This seminar has been nearly two years in the making and is going to feature a unique methodology that can be...
  10. Larry Williams

    Teleconference Seminar to feature Larry Williams

    Hello Everyone! For the past 4 years I have proudly written articles for Mobile Beat Magazine and have had two books published by ProDJ Publishing. I am now on the verge of introducing an entirely new concept for the mobile DJ industry. It is called B SIDES. This new seminar will debut at...
  11. Larry Williams

    MBLV08 - A Positive Look Back

    A "positive" look at this years Mobile Beat Conference! I suppose it is not all that uncommon any more to hear second guessing and arm chair quarterbacking regarding this industries flagship event - The Mobile Beat DJ Show & Conference. But let's step away from the negative and "accentuate...
  12. Larry Williams

    "New" Book Release @ Mobile Beat Show

    I am excited to announce the release of . . . MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS - "Second Edition" . . . to be available on the morning of Tuesday February 12th, 2008 at the Mobile Beat DJ Show and Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. This latest educational offering from ProDJ Publishing...
  13. Larry Williams

    My observations of the PETER MERRY wedding I attended Friday

    Keeping an "Open Mind" I have always enjoyed how one's personal experience can fly in the face of a universally perceived opinion that is often rooted in conjecture. This brings the whole concept of "seeing is believing" to a more realistic level of appreciation. We have all done it . . ...
  14. Larry Williams

    A Big "THANK YOU" to the San Diego ADJA Chapter

    I wish to take this opportunity to publicly "thank" Ken Day, the leadership and members of the San Diego ADJA Chapter along with a great inclusion of area DJs for coming out in "incredible numbers" to enjoy my "Changing Public Perception" seminar tour stop last evening. It was an absolutely...
  15. Larry Williams

    "Deck Of Cards" - songs needed for theme party

    Hi Everyone; I am performing a 52nd Anniversary for a casino next week and their party theme is "Deck of Cards". I need songs that fit the theme. Song examples: Queen Of Hearts - Juice Newton The Joker - Steve Miller Band The Gambler - Kenny Rogers Two Of A Kind, Working On A Full...
  16. Larry Williams

    Child injured by DJ - overheard at the airport in Las Vegas

    (Note: After viewing the video on the recent thread entitled CHEESY DJ . . . I felt compelled to start this thread about my experience at the airport in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago.) The following is a TRUE STORY. I arrived in Las Vegas for this years Mobile Beat Conference on Sunday...
  17. Larry Williams

    Peter Merry Seminar in Las Vegas

    Just in case you haven't checked out the seminar speaker list lately on the Mobile Beat website (, it has developed into a fantastic line-up of great speakers and extremely broad based educational content. I just happened upon the website this morning to...
  18. Larry Williams

    Which Mackie Authorized repair center do you recommend?

    Hi Everyone; I know there are several Mackie Authorized Service Centers around the country. I am not sure which one to choose and have even heard of poor customer service about one imparticular. So I want to make an informed choice. I am looking for recommendations about particular...
  19. Larry Williams

    Mackie Powered Speaker Problem - HELP NEEDED PLEASE!!!

    Hi Everyone; I noticed a problem with one of my Mackie Powered Speakers (SRM 450) this past weekend. I can use some HELP from any of you who might be able to accurately diagnose the problem. While playing the speaker at VERY LOW VOLUME . . . I heard a distorted sound eminating from the...
  20. Larry Williams

    Chat Board ADDICTION

    Hi Everyone - The title of this thread says it all. I am researching useful information for consideration in my "Changing Public Perception" series of articles which I write for Mobile Beat Magazine. As you know, how we perceive each other is sometimes reflective of how we view others...