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    Great news! Kathy Griffin CANCELED!!! YAY!!! DJs -----> :multi: :multi: :multi: :multi: :multi: :multi: :multi: :multi: John
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    Happy Dyngus Day

    Happy Dyngus Day one and all! Hope you have a gig today too! Johnny K
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    20/20 Story on ABC They say we "mark up" our wedding prices vs. a birthday part. Duh! We all know what we put into an event vs. a wedding. We need a group that will advocate. I'm thinking about starting one. Shoddy...
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    David's Bridal - Good Business Practices

    You would think they would discount or put them into their near empty $99. selection? JK
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    Chicken and Vodka come to Vegas

    Update: Merry Christmas!:drinking:
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    Computer dj summit ?

    Is there one this year? John
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    WNYMEA - MB July 31 - Buffalo

    DJS, The Western New york Mobile Entertainers Alliance (WNYMEA) is proud to be the Local Sponsor of the Mobile Beat Buffalo stop. If you are planning to attend PM me here. Also we can use a few helping hands that day and evening. Looking forward to another great DJ focused event in...
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    Thank you to Mobile Beat's Ryan, Jake and Mike for attending the annual WNYMEA Bowling tournament last night. A great time was had by all, and I successfully defended my title as "Worst Bowler" :(( Thanks again, and see you in July! JK
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    Touch Screen

    Anybody know a good touchscreen program or unit? This would be for small party rentals etc. JK
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    WNYMEA Presents: TriceraSoft SWE4 Trainning Session 2010

    The Western New York Mobile Entertainers Alliance (WNYMEA) Presents: TriceraSoft SWIFT ELITE 4 Training Session: Date: Sunday October 17th, 2010 Times: 11:30am to 4:00pm Locations: Quality Hotel & Suites Address: 240 Rainbow Blvd Niagara Falls NY 14303...
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    Mobile Beat Buffalo/Niagara - Thank You!

    Thank you to all who attended the Mobile Beat Tour stop last night. We beat our goals and enjoyed a full room of Disc Jockeys! Thanks to Jake and the Mobile Beat Staff, vendors and presenters for the fun filled event. Everyone walked away with a great vibe, ideas, and energy! Some...
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    Buffalo/Niagara August 2nd.

    WNYMEA and CDJA Welcomes the Mobile Beat Summer Tour 2010 Niagara Falls NY Tour Stop Presented by: WNYMEA & the CDJA Monday August 2nd 2010 5:30pm – 9:30pm Crowne Plaza Niagara Falls NY 300 3rd Street FREE PARKING This is the Hotel that featured the 2005 Mobile Beat...
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    Dropping membership....

    After a lot of thought, and careful debate of the pros and cons, I have dropped my NAME membership. When I called the national office Monday, I got a chilly "I could care less" attitude over the phone. The guy on the phone cut me short after only discussing one of 4 issues I had with MY PAID...
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    Looking to purchase VocoPro CDG-600RF player/amp NEW

    Hey Folks, I'm looking for the best price on a VocoPro CDG-600RF Karaoke player/amp. This unit goes into the Twister unit. I know this is a Karaoke, but wanted to post in the gear section, due to more gear folks go here, and can steer me in the right direction. I was quoted by a Karaoke...
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    Thank You Tricerasoft !!!

    On behalf of WNYMEA (Western New York Moble Entertainers Alliance) I would like to thank Gui & Gary from Tricerasoft for their time and effort, in making the Training Seminar a great success this past weekend. Over 19 DJ companies + guests were represented at the seminar in Niagara Falls...
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    Happy Dyngus Day! DJJK
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    WNYMEA to host Tricerasoft event

    WNYMEA (Western New York Mobile Entertainers Alliance) is hosting an open training and product demonstration session by the creators of Tricerasoft. This event will be held Sunday March 30th, 2008 at Quality Hotel & Suites - 240 Rainbow Blvd Niagara Falls NY 14303 ( 1 block from where MB...
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    WNYMEA - Elections - Thank you!

    The Western New York Mobile Entertainers Alliance held its elections last night. I am proud to serve as President once again for the 2008-09 year. This is a position that I have held two times in the past. I have great fellow officers, and will provide details via press releases within our...
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    Looking for DJU link

    Hey Folks, Looking for the DJU link that was on the Home page here. Anyone know where to find it? Thanks, DJJK
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    DYNGUS DAY - Monday !!!

    Dyngus Day is upon us again. Anyone here giggin' on Monday "Dyngus Day"? WHAT IS DYNGUS DAY Historically a Polish-American tradition, Dyngus Day celebrates the end of the often restrictive observance of lent and the joy of Easter. Over the decades, Dyngus Day has become a wonderful...