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  1. James Kane

    Number of Events Per Year

    Quite frequently on these boards we get embroiled in the debate over how much someone acting as a DJ should charge. As many of us who have taken the time to "do the math" know, there are five primary factors in determining that rate. 1) How much do you wish to earn? 2) How much does it...
  2. James Kane

    Toll Free Numbers

    As mentioned in the Yellow Book thread, I just recieved mine and I'm looking over the latest trends. With the usual 4-5 departing there were that many added, but I noticed something new this year. Over 1/2 of all the DJs are listing toll-free numbers this year. In previous years it had only...
  3. James Kane

    Time to Reevaluate Reception Pricing?

    Having just recieved the latest issue of Modern Bride, the sample budget now recommends 10% for the Music. Putting Entertainment with an equal slice with Photography & Videography and the Attire. That's $2,500+ for the average wedding reception folks. Admittedly there are three components...
  4. James Kane

    Software CD+G -> MPEG converter

    I'm gearing up to move my entire show to my Mac. The software plaform I'm using also supports video. As such I want to encode all of my karaoke discs to MPEG or Quicktime format. Has anybody seen any software that will convert a CD+G track to a MPEG(any version) file? The hardware/OS...
  5. James Kane

    Any MegaSeg Users?

    In my quest for a DJ software capable of playing AAC files, I found MegaSeg has the capacity to use this file format. From my quick glance of it's features, I gather it is built on top of QuickTime and inherits its codecs for files. Therefore, MegaSeg can handle both the AAC files that I...