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  1. Bill_Goode

    I Love the Tools, but the Continuing Education...

    It dawned on me recently... I have been at this for a moment. When I started, I had two turntables and a cassette deck. Made the transition to CDs, then to digital. Along the way, lighting has changed, video has dramatically changed, and what we offer as entertainers is light years ahead of...
  2. Bill_Goode

    You want what????

    Wow! I never get asked for a sample playlist, but can pull past playlists from VDJ. On the website, the client can choose music, or leave the programming to me. That is a question I just do not see asked often, only because each event is unique and what a client loves at one event may be hated...
  3. Bill_Goode

    Holiday Parties are back, for all or some?

    I have a big uptick in holiday events this year. The funny thing is that they are luncheons, photobooth-only events, or combo events that are not just DJ only. January looks to be a busy month as well. Some are holiday-in-January events, others are business promotions. The only thing I see...
  4. Bill_Goode


    Sooooo, I am free this weekend. Wife is out of town, no events are booked, and this first dip into fall weather will kill the weeds in the backyard. Whatever should I do with my downtime???
  5. Bill_Goode

    Member Since 2002

    Yea, Michael, they let anyone with a face for radio post here.... ;)
  6. Bill_Goode

    Happy Birthday BILL SMITH!!

    Happy Birthday to our own Bill E. B. Smith!!! he turns 21 again, today!! :)
  7. Bill_Goode

    Nice Face Lift

    Great stuff!
  8. Bill_Goode

    New Swing Out Sister Cd Drops!

    LOVE SOS! In my wedding sets, I still have Am I the Same Girl and Fa la La Means I Love You for dinner/cocktails. I ave been a fan since Twilight World was released.
  9. Bill_Goode

    Looks Like Videotoolz Is Done.

    My three sources have been promo Only, RPM, and Ultimix. Using those three may be the best way to go until a similar service comes along.
  10. Bill_Goode

    Home Office Design

    Hi, We are redoing the home offices for my wife and myself. The living room has become my wife's office, and I still have an upstairs room to run World HQ. I'm looking for a few things: - Aesthetics: It needs to look nice. Even though my wife will have a desk, I'm going to have a bistro table...
  11. Bill_Goode

    Lead On An Event In San Diego

    Hey San Diego peeps, I have a lead on a recurring event in your area. This is from my movie screen business partner, he has the details: Anybody is located in the San Diego market? I have a good gig to offer, and they can e-mail me ( directly if they are in San Diego...
  12. Bill_Goode

    It's Time To Hang Up The Headphones!

    Hi Nicky! Come for the advice, stay for the friendships!! You are a treasure, and you deserve me time in the next stage of your (non) career! I hope you still check in on us from time-to-time... Thank you for all that you have done and all you will do!! BG
  13. Bill_Goode

    Trends In Weddings

    Barn wedding are hot! That's why I carry fans for me... ;)
  14. Bill_Goode

    I Have To Give Him A Shout...

    Cap Capello is Da Man! For years, I have seen the Bose compact stuff for sale, and became uber-impressed when the power went out at a venue and he saved the day using one Bose compact and a battery pack. He had a sale that made owning Bose L1 compacts this past summer that made it cheaper to...
  15. Bill_Goode

    Like It Or Not, This Impacts Us

    Interesting read on Millennials putting off traditional things. They are waiting longer to get married and for other certain things that do have a direct impact on services we offer. Redirecting to their needs will help our industry overall, but those who cater directly to the wedding industry...
  16. Bill_Goode

    Trends In Weddings

    I'm seeing a greater emphasis placed on decor. How does the DJ fit in with the decor/theme? Pinterest influences have been making their inroads. From what I have seen, it's been about a unique look.
  17. Bill_Goode

    Now I Am In The Lawn Game, Furniture, Duct Tape, Etc.!!!!

    If they want 'em, I have them, with the following exceptions that impact how I operate: - No, they will not be able to store under my table. My bins are already there. - No, Mr./Mrs. Photographer, my setup does not have the proper stowage for YOUR gear. The world's a stage, and you are on it...
  18. Bill_Goode

    Is Anyone Involved With A Radio Station.

    Hi Damon, I was a promotion director for several stations and would love to discuss. When would you have some time?
  19. Bill_Goode

    What Has Happened To This Site?

    Kevin, you do have a lot to offer and have some cool stuff going on that no one here has thought of... Just my two cents!