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    Game Show Mania Face Off Sale?

    Does anyone have a Game Show Mania Face Off they want to get rid of? PM me if you do! Thanks, Paul
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    How To Get Your PC To Play/Read As Many Video Formats As Possible

    I keep running into situations where I can't play video's I download. In once instance, it was wierd version of an MOV file, in another, it was a wierd version of an MP4 video file. Neither Quicktime nor Windows Media Player would read these files. Three different video conversion software...
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    FTP Download Software Recommendations

    I need an FTP download software application - does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Paul
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    Help Getting Maya44 To Work With Virtual DJ

    I am having trouble getting a Maya44 USB sound card to work properly with Virtual DJ, using Windows 7 system. The device seems to install properly, but I can't get it to work with two stereo outputs on Virtual DJ. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Does Anyone Have A Youtube PARTNER Channel?

    I was wondering if anyone has a Youtube Partner Channel, and if so - have you incorporated selling music and ringtones on your channel?
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    Jewel Goes Undercover At L.A. Karaoke Bar

    Jewel, disguised as a mild mannered businesswoman, drops by a local karaoke bar and performs some of her classic songs to a completely dumbfounded audience. Its a fun video to watch:
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    Need Cursive Font Suggestions

    Does anyone have suggestions for an elegant cursive font? I typically use Shelly Volante BT, but have grown tired of that. Any ideas on cursive fonts, as well as where to find them would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Paul
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    Excel Guru's - Help Me Calculate Fields!

    I have a typical Excel spreadsheet of an retail supplies inventory. One column has the price per item, and the next column has the quantity of the item. How do I have Excel multiply the amount in one column by the qualtity - giving a total amount? Thanks!
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    Finding Documents Opened In IE From Email?

    I opened a Word document today from an email I received. I made a lot of changes to the document and clicked Save - but I didn't specify a location. I have searched my computer for all Word documents by several methods, and can't find this document! I am thinking it was saved in some sort of...
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    Concealing Uplighting Fixtures

    Does anyone know of a good solution that screens or conceals uplighting fixtures? Thanks, Paul
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    Adjusting MP3 Tag Information

    I recently changed my CD subscription service to MP3 DVD's with Top Hits USA. One problem that has resulted with this, is that the time of the song does not appear in the old PCDJ Red, until you actually load the song in one of the players. PCDJ uses the "comment" section to list the time of...
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    Recent Reggatone?

    Hey Guys - We have a number of school proms coming up, and the kids are still asking for some reggatone. Other than Rompe and Gasolina, is there anything more recent that is popular with the teens? Thanks, Paul
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    Do New, Fast CD Roms = Burning Problems?

    I have a new Dell XPS computer with loads of RAM, etc. I am having problems burning music cds - I rip songs from CDs to wav files, and then burn those files as a music cd. When I do, the slowest write speed I can select is 12x. Almost every CD I burn has a couple of tracks that are not usable...
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    How To Change Hard Drive Letter Designation

    I have a new external hard drive - it appears as F:, however, I need for it to appear as E: - how do you change that in Windows XP?? Thanks, Paul
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    Mainstream House Music From The Last 1 or 2 Years

    I was hoping to get some suggestions for a dozen or so of the most popular house music songs from the last year or two - things along the lines of David Guetta's "Love Is Gone" is what I am looking for. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Paul
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    Holiday Music Video's?

    Hey Guys - I've used Promo Only's Christmas Music Video DVD for several years now - I need something different. Are there any other holiday music video DVDs that you can recommend? Thanks, Paul
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    WANTED - Two Used Martin Acrobats

    Hey guys - I am looking to buy two used Martin Acrobats - PM me if you have one or two you would like to sell. Thanks, Paul
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    Looking to Buy Two Used Martin Acrobat's

    Hey guys - I am looking to buy two used Martin Acrobats - PM me if you have one or two you would like to sell. Thanks, Paul
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    Songs That Appeal To Multiple Generations

    There are a lot of movies and TV commercials that have made old songs familiar to a new generation. Unforgettable - Natalie Cole, Unchained Melody - The Righteous Brothers, Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong, and Do You Love Me - The Contours are just a few samples. What other songs do you...
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    Sony Acid Guru's: How To Add Beats To Song

    Hello, I just installed a demo version of Sony Acid 6 Pro. I want to be able to add more punchy beats to regular songs. I purchased a training DVD on Acid Pro 6 and learned a fair amount about Acid Pro. But I can't add beats to songs, and have them sync up. I have tried using some of the...