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  1. hankedw

    Robot DJ's

    Guess it was inevitable, they are finally here.
  2. hankedw

    Lady Gaga disrespecting the National Anthem

    Say what you want about me, this isn't a Gay Issue, Lady Gaga is one ignorant person butchering our National Anthem, Another Sad Day in America!!! Isn't anything sacred anymore. Many soldiers fought and died for that American Flag which she just took the liberty to change the word for...
  3. hankedw

    Mobile Rig.

    Now this is a Mobile DJ Rig.
  4. hankedw

    Amazon 20 albums 1.99 or less

    Amazon today only 20 albums for 1.99 or less. Great if you need fill-ins of missing songs. Download the whole album then pick the ones you want.
  5. hankedw

    I-Phone I Pad Band

    Unbelievable what they can do with technology. New Christmas music. Hank
  6. hankedw

    Bruno Mars album for .99 today only

    For your library The entire Bruno Mars album Doo-Wops & Hooligans is just $0.99 today only. If you already have it, maybe gift it to a friend. Hank
  7. hankedw


    Sleepy man banjo boys. If you like bluegrass then you need to check out these kids. They are awesome. Hank
  8. hankedw

    Classic car show and burn out contest

    What a blast we had yesterday, July 31 at our Classic Car Show and Burn Out Contest. Had about 175 cars and trucks with 12 vehicles entered in the burnout contest. Oldest burnout was a 1835 Chevy with a 350 crate to the newest, a 2011 Dodge Ram Diesel with duals in the rear. Boy did they...
  9. hankedw Lady Gaga's New Album $0.99 Today Only Lady Gaga's New Album $0.99 Today Only For all you Lady Gaga fans. Amazon has the Born this way album for $.99 today, MP3 download. The Gold Box deal for today. Enjoy Hank
  10. hankedw

    10 Albums for $3.99 ea.

    Here is Amazons deal of the day. 10 Albums for $3.99, MP3 download. Just in case you needed any of these to help fill in the gaps. Hank
  11. hankedw

    Your phone number on facebook

    EVERYONE'S PHONE NUMBER IS NOW ON FACEBOOK!! NO JOKE... Go to the top right of your screen, click Account then Edit Friends. Go to the left side of your screen and click Phone book. Everyone's phone numbers are now being published. Please re-post to let your friends know this is happening so...