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  1. BillESC

    Last weekend's effort

    60 x 130' tent. Lighting, sound and decoration.
  2. BillESC

    Another day

    Installed two wireless goose neck mics today with isolation mounts in St. Mary's White Chapel. One in the pulpit and one in the lecturn. One and a half hours start to finish including vaccuming up the saw dust. The original construction began in 1669 and was completed in 1675
  3. BillESC

    Latest install

    Mortorized projection screen in a 100+ year old brick building. 188" diagonal 16:9 aspect ratio.
  4. BillESC

    Today again

  5. BillESC

    Today again

    A lot done today. John and I installed 59 rigging points, 32 LED floods, 20 incandesents and media. A couple hours tomorrow to adjust and tweek. Party at 5:30 Loaded out by 12 noon Sunday. Thank you and good night.
  6. BillESC

    Latest install

    Almost done at Queen Ester Baptist Church. A few cables to clean up and IR Remotes to finish setting up early this coming week. New digital mixer, two High Definition robotic cameras and three 65" flat screen TVs with a video switcher/effects machine.
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    First wedding in 20+ years...

    Knock it out of the park.
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    My latest ad.

    My latest ad.
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    Good day.

    Two nice jobs came in today. One includes 10 wireless mics and a DA-LITE 159" diagonal (13.25') 16:9 Motorized screen. The second is installing a new digital sound system, speakers and mics plus two HD robotic cameras, a switcher/controller and three flat screen TV's along with the tie-in of...
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    Spent a couple hours loading the trailer for the Holly Ball today. Sound, lighting, two camera video shoot, five flat screen monitors and recording for later edited and produced DVDs. Load in is the 26th. Rehearsal the 27th and the Ball on the 28th. Load out on the 29th and sleep on the 30th...
  11. BillESC

    Party of Five.

    S/L for the Bay Tone's annual concert, A Barber Shop style event. The Party of Five: members from my home area in New Jersey are the current international champions and were the featured guests. Great day my friends. Working with the best . . . how fun is that.
  12. BillESC

    Party of Five tonight

    S/L for the Bay Tone's annual concert, A Barber Shop style event. The Party of Five: members from my home area in New Jersey are the current international champions. Great day my friends. Working with the best, love my job.
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    Show time with The Seldom Seen

  14. BillESC

    This Weekend.

    Gym like spaces are difficult to transform. They're gyms. My effort is to affect a change to the depth of the field of the attendees perception.
  15. BillESC

    28th Bay Seafood Festival

    A chilly October providing public address and background music for a thousand.
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    About 30
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    Provided sound, lighting, staging, power distribution and crew for a Ronnie Milsap concert with Atlanta Rhythm Section as the opening act.
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    Quiet . . . .

    The local Catholic Church had a problem, people sitting in the sanctuary could hear what was being said in the Confessional. ESC sound proofed the small room for $ 4500.
  20. BillESC

    Today's job

    From the event. Me wearing the gold tie.