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  1. DJBob2

    Not bad for an old white guy

    I was DJing for a dinner/awards presentations with 2 hours of dancing for a predominately black group last night (I was their DJ last year, also). Towards the end of the evening a lady about my age came up to me and expressed her amazement at my knowledge of current music. She told me that when...
  2. DJBob2

    Thank You ADJA

    3-4 months ago I booked a destination wedding ceremony only in August. During my initial correspondence with the clients, I inquired 2 or 3 times about the reception, and was told the couple will be having a large reception when they return home to PA. Last month I got this email: The...
  3. DJBob2

    Dual Membership

    I am currently a member of both NAME and ADJA, and am considering not renewing one of the memberships when it expires in March. Are there any real reasons to keeping dual memberships, or is it just a matter of personal preference?
  4. DJBob2

    Photo, Video, and DJ services

    We have all seen the companies that offer "package deals" of photo, video, and DJing by the same company at cut rate prices. I was wondering what the difference is between a Photography company who offers DJing as an upsell; and a DJ who does wedding photography as an upsell?
  5. DJBob2

    WORM ALERT- Norton doesn't recognize it

    There is a new worm making its way around, a mass mailer version of the Beagle worm. Norton doesn't recognize it yet, so be very careful. It comes as a WinZip attachment from someone you know, with the subject being 'price', or 'new pricing'. As I said, Norton doesn't recognize it yet, but...
  6. DJBob2

    Attn: Central Florida DJs

    The Professional DJ Assn of Tampa Bay would like to invite you, your family, friends, co-workers, etc, to enjoy a relaxing evening of baseball with us on Tuesday, August 17, as the Tampa Bay Devil Rays take on the Anaheim Angels. Tuesday is "Two-fer the price of one" on $17 outfield tickets...
  7. DJBob2

    Funniest DJ moments - my entry

    I did a high school senior day event earlier this week. It was on the football field from 10 AM - 1 PM where seniors, ate, played football, listened and danced to music, and generally BS'd all morning. It was a beautiful Florida morning, not a cloud in the sky, so I set up under my EZ UP...
  8. DJBob2


    With the amount of infected emails that everyone is getting every day, I wonder if this might actually be the next terrorist attack. Flood the internet with as many viruses as they can. Eventually a virus will get thru detection and into something sensitive. I can only imagine the damage...
  9. DJBob2

    Reuben busted

    While listening to the radio yeasterday, I heard a report that Reuben Studdard was busted for drugs on his tour bus. The radio reported that Reubens tour bus was pulled over by a police officer for a minor infraction. While the bus was stopped, the police canine in the patrol car went on...
  10. DJBob2

    EV RE-2 wireless HH mic

    I'm in the market for a new wireless mic, one with switchable freq. I have been checking out Sennheiser, AT 3000 series, Shure ULX-5, and the EV RE-2. So far I have personally liked the EV mic the best. Could I get some feedback from ya'll (up north = youse guyse) about this mic, if you have...
  11. DJBob2

    Britney Spears concert

    I watched the Britney Spears concert on cable last night (Sunday). While the stage was awesome, IMO she was all fluff and no substance. Most of her songs were lip-synched, and I think she is on a mission to do more pelvic thrusts than anyone else ever has. Her bosom jiggling routine looked good...
  12. DJBob2

    Local radio DJ fired

    Bubba the Love Sponge, a local radio shock jock here in Tampa, and his entire crew, was fired by Clear Channel yesterday. Bubba, whose real name is Todd Clem, was recently fined over $750,000 by the FCC for his vulgar antics on the air, which includes weekly visits from strippers, very little...
  13. DJBob2

    I think I'm lost

    I was stumbling home from Las Vegas and I wound up here. Am I in the right place?