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    Need A New Microphone!

    I sent in an AT 3000 series mic for repair. The unit was dropping completely out every three words (no cell phones on my person). The unit also had a ground loop that other AT 3000 units did not have (it wasn't the sound system). At charged me $60 to tell me they couldn't find any problems. I...
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    Virtual Dj 7 Transfers?

    Does anyone else have problems with cue points not being saved correctly? I can save, and use them at a gig, but when I pull up the same song, it shows a cue point, but it is always back at the beginning of the song.
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    VirtualDJ 8 Is Available NOW!!!

    I am using Virtual DJ 7 doing music videos. I am looking to upgrade from a standard mixer to a midi mixer/controller. I would want the controllers sound card quality to be as good as the Gigaport HD. I have been looking at the Denon DN-MC6000. Any suggestions?
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    B+ Review? Hmmmm that seems generous

    I hope you are doing well Jodi - its been a long time since I've seen you!
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    Game Show Mania Face Off Sale?

    Does anyone have a Game Show Mania Face Off they want to get rid of? PM me if you do! Thanks, Paul
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    Bright LED Scanners

    Nicky, Where are you getting these scanners for under $300 each?
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    Maybe Randy Bartlett is WRONG ;)

    Funny you should bring up the subject of Mad Joe Martin and karaoke. I was at a DJ Expo one year, and went to the Tun Tavern for a drink. They had a karaoke contest going, and it seemed that Mad Joe had all but won the contest.......until Ken Overbey walked in 2 minutes before the end of the...
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    Congratulations To MB's Mike B!

    Congrats on the new book Mike!
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    How To Get Your PC To Play/Read As Many Video Formats As Possible

    The codec for the MP4 video file is "mp42". I will have to search to find the codec for the MOV file that I couldn't play or convert. Are codec's similar to drivers for devices? If so, is there a codec pack available that I can install on my machine, so it will read the video files...
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    Let a client go before the contract signing.

    I have to agree with my good friend Randy. I wouldn't have a problem with the provision that required you to put in the contract that you would be the DJ. I would have countered on the request provision, telling them that you can agree to that, with a maximum of 20 to 30 requests. My guess is...
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    How To Get Your PC To Play/Read As Many Video Formats As Possible

    I keep running into situations where I can't play video's I download. In once instance, it was wierd version of an MOV file, in another, it was a wierd version of an MP4 video file. Neither Quicktime nor Windows Media Player would read these files. Three different video conversion software...
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    FTP Download Software Recommendations

    I took Bill's advice, and downloaded FileZilla - it was easy, and worked great! Thanks for all of the suggestions! Paul
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    FTP Download Software Recommendations

    I need an FTP download software application - does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Paul
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    Space Shuttle Endeavor Final Mission

    A good friend of mine developed the flux capacitor for the shuttles!
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    Projector monogram "searching for signal" help

    Those monograms Michael posted are pretty nice looking "cheap and cheesy" images. I'm not sure why people feel the need to criticize others who use a different method to accomplish something. For the record - I have first-hand experience with the Source 4, as well as the so-called "cheap...
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    NLFX Pro Introduces Live X from Electro-Voice

    Does the 18" sub have stereo out outputs for two powered tops?
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    Help Getting Maya44 To Work With Virtual DJ

    I believe that I fixed it - went to ESI's website and got the driver for Windows 7, 64 bit. Everything working fine now.
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    Help Getting Maya44 To Work With Virtual DJ

    I am having trouble getting a Maya44 USB sound card to work properly with Virtual DJ, using Windows 7 system. The device seems to install properly, but I can't get it to work with two stereo outputs on Virtual DJ. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Critique my wedding party party intros

    Hey Drax, I posted a reply last night in haste, and deleted it so I could post something that more accurately express my views on this topic. If you have the ability to memorize an intro like the one Chuck posted - kudos to you. You are very gifted, and have a high degree of motivation...