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    Vegas hotel rooms

    The new Hooters hotel is open where the San Remo was by the Trop. Click on this link for cheap rooms if you need one still. Visit us at See you in Vegas,
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    DVD sale at TM Century

    TM Century would like to let you know about a sale on all in stock DVD's. We are offering a 5 dollar discount off of each DVD, the sale price for the month of August is $25.00/each plus S&H. We have issues available from January to July. This is a great way to check out our DVD's before you...
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    Attn: Houston DJ's

    Rob and Jim from TM Century will be attending the March GHAMMA DJ meeting on Tuesday March 30th. The meeting starts at 7pm and goes until 8:30 or so. We will be talking about our PrimeCuts weekly music service and handing out samples and info. on it. We look forward to meeting all the Houston...
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    *****2 New Services from TM Century*****

    Hey DJ's, I wanted to let you know about TM Century's 2 new services for 2004. One of them is called PrimeCuts Dance and it is all extended dance cuts from the US and UK dance charts. This is a weekly disc just like PrimeCuts. We will be having a special intro price when you add it to...
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    Recurrent Sale

    I wanted to remind everyone about the TM Century GoldDisc Recurrent Sale going on now. We have special pricing for you on the discs from 2001 to today. Go to our website, and click on the Mobile DJ banner on the top to see the pricing and discs to choose from. It's a great...