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    Bluetooth From Mixer To Headphones

    has anyone tried a Bluetooth transmitter from the headphone jack of there mixer to a pair of Bluetooth headphones ? always yak in the cord
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    Initalize Driver For Hdmi

    I just got a new gaming laptop for use with vdj so I can have a stonger graphics card. the problem is when I want to use the hdmi for video & audio the pither comes in but no sound on the program vdj its say no sound card nivida not initialize. works in window 7 but not in windows 10 vdj help...
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    Promo Only Dvds

    I want to rip my old promo only dvds . what is the best ripper that will rip individual tracks ( It doesn't need to be a free app , Its the cost of doing business Thanks Already have hand break
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    Building Dj Computer

    I read in one of the mobile beat magazines about some one who built his own computer, it had a list of what worked together & what bought each piece. Ive been going thru the app reading each issue, just can't find that artificial, Dose anyone remember what issue it might of been in, looking to...
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    Is there a big difference in ram other than price? I want to upgrade my ram 64 bit win 7 . there is a lot that are combat able , money isn't the issue , just don't have any Idea what will work the best, Adding ram for video, I have 6 gig I can go to 8 , have 1 gig dedicated video card,Thanks in...
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    Streaming A Live Feed

    I bought a video capture device thing It would work like a webcam hooking it to a video camera "Baffled" unable to get it to work , using vdj 8 camera potion with windows 7 , works with the built in web cam ( capture device was easy cap) any help will be appreciated Steve
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    Mp4 Mixtape To Dvd

    Trying to copy a mp4 I make with vdj8, I have imtoo to covert to different formats & nero dvd burning can't find a format that will play on either of my dvd player? tried meg 2, dvd vob, I've done it before a long time ago on an old xp now that I went to 7 can't figure it out? Thanks Steve
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    What Are You Using For Projector Screens

    Just got a benq short throw projector & want to & want to use it shooting from the back, wonder what you all been using for a screen
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    mapping denon 6000

    Is it hard to map a midi, Look on utube can't find any videos on how to do it I use vdj , would like to use the mixer to its full potential Thanks
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    pre wired xrl panel

    one of the vendors on this site had pre wired xrl cables so I wouldn't have to solder , the one that you put on the outside of your box so you can just plug in instead of going into your box, like an electric socket , but xrl ( sorry don't know what there called. one of the vender had them pre...
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    headphone amplifier

    Is this the same as a good sound card, my son wants one because at collage he listens to his headphones while studying, and use to real clean audio thru his pappy's stuff, he has good headphone. but the lappy doesn't give him that? or is it something else
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    denon 6000

    I've seen a few post of people having problems, is that the norm, the price is so good right , I've always wanted one , but I need to know if I will have the same issues or it's an isolated problem ( sticking toggle switches ect)
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    take out vocals

    A client want's a instrumental version of Crash - by new kids on the block - haven't found it anywhere is there a inexpensive program to do this?
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    class reunion

    anyone have some good trivia for a class reunion(1978)?
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    buy single music video's

    Is there another place other than I tunes to buy single video's, Looking for a few to fill in the blanks Thanks
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    for those looking for old rock dance mixes Crooklyn clann has 75% off today

    for those looking for old rock dance mixes Crooklyn clann has 75% off today
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    print playlist

    Anyone know how to print a play list off VDJ I looked on there forum & didn't find much info. they have a download But there were no instructions on how to use it Thanks in advance
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    need some song help

    Have a family member dieing( It's not sudden, She's been ill for years) and the requested a song for there funeral , I got was partial lyrics " although I'll Never stray more than a million miles away , Its an older song any help will be welcome, Steve
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    I pad & 64 bit windows 7

    just got vdj app, it won't connect to my main dj lappy windows 7 64 bit - work on my old backup xp ? anyone have an answer how to get it to connect, it's not the network
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    connecting ipad app to vdj

    anyone have problem connecting the the app it won't show up on either of my laptop, I got 7.05 version , tried to turn off fire wall one lappy is xp other is w7. using my home network wifi , ipad worked fine just won't sync up to vdj on laptops, I've enable to lappys but ipad can't find...