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  1. RhinoRider

    Peter Merry Seminar

    Would like some other peoples thoughts on his seminar "Make it Grand Workshop" I am thinking about signing up for the 2 day class- just before Mobile Beat 2014. I have not attended any mark ferrel classes, so I was wondering what your thoughts were- or save the cash for something else. I do...
  2. RhinoRider

    Line 6 wireless speaker set up?

    OK- I am wondering how to pull this off- I know I need a Transmitter and a Receiver. So would I use the line 6 vd-30 receiver on the speaker itself? and use the body pack at the DJ station that hooks into the mixer? And is there a way to get the body packs to run off of electric supply...
  3. RhinoRider

    Folk/ Indie Music

    For August 10th I have a bride and groom that love folk and Indie music.. I'm a little stumped. would anyone have a idea of a playlist or websites to look at to help prepare for this Saturday?? please help
  4. RhinoRider

    DJ Manager Vs. Gig Builder

    So I have been following around Scott over with DJ Manager and love the idea of the software. But then yesterday Gig Builder sends me a E-mail saying it does the same thing and it is included in your WEDJ silver membership.. Gig Builder also sends out automated text messages to clients as well...
  5. RhinoRider

    saying the same thing every time?

    Does anybody feel like they say the same words and sentences at every event? I would be curious to find out if there is any words of wisdom or even some ideas to break off of? I really like what I say, and feel like I have mastered the use of emotions, but feel like a record player!!
  6. RhinoRider

    Bruno Mars- Locked out of heaven

    Do any of my fellow DJ members know where to get this song- minus the word "SEX" in it. I have searched a bunch of clean versions but they still say sex.
  7. RhinoRider

    Where to party for Super Bowl Sunday in Vegas??

    As we arrive for the MBLV show on Sunday- My wife and I would be interested in knowing where a great party spot would be, from any experiences. something comfy and fun would be nice
  8. RhinoRider

    Photo Booth upgrade (any ideas)

    I have 3 of Steve Lynches Photo Booths- And in my market it is becoming pretty saturated with booths from all sort of home made builds. My question is: Is there any kind of design you guys have done that sets you apart from the others? Ideas I have are like a Photo Booth Wall ( cut outs that...
  9. RhinoRider

    song help

    lyrics might go "maggie whoo, watcha thinking about darling, maggie maggie whoo. some girl brought up her i-pod and the crowd went nuts- the artist sounds like a Cee-lo green or gnarles barkley type any ideas or help on which song that is
  10. RhinoRider

    Hitman Advertising! Steve Brazell

    Did anyone get the App or computer walk through of how to promote yourself? I'm wondering on any likes or dislikes?? comments please.
  11. RhinoRider

    H20 Water Light

    Is the ADJ the best choice for the water effect. is their a home remedy or just buy 2 of these water lights?
  12. RhinoRider

    What Android App to get??

    I can't seem to find the thread about Android Apps- Im looking for one for the Asus Tablet?? a VDJ comparable app? any help
  13. RhinoRider

    Extension Cord Crushing?

    I have a client who swears that "Cars running over my nice 100 foot extension cord" will not hurt it? for some reason I dont believe this guy. Is there any facts on this subject?
  14. RhinoRider

    MBLV16 Wife?

    Is there a way without paying for my wife to get on the show room floor? I want her to see all the hype and help with my buying decision, or am I just being retarded and pay $75 for her to walk the floor once.. Any ideas!
  15. RhinoRider

    Chauvet Hurricane 2 Haze

    I bought this at MBLV last year open box, with no manual. I looked up the manual on line and there is no code for the dip switches. My question is what dip switches need to be flipped for the controller to work the unit? my little girl messed all the switches up, when I left it out the...
  16. RhinoRider

    Snow Machine/ Low lying cloud haze

    Where would you find a place to rent this equipment!! or purchase??
  17. RhinoRider

    Numark DJIO Died

    My DJIO is not working anymore for me, So I was wondering with VDJ 7 and its multiple decks If there is a USB audio interface that could handle the multiple decks my mixer is the denon X-500 I also use HD-2500 denon. any help would be nice!
  18. RhinoRider

    Bad Check- Received

    I have received a $1,200 bad check. There was no written contract. She must have been a pro- the deposit check bounced and then said she finished the contract but left it at home. I asked her to pay with cash and she said on the event day that she left that at home as well. I think I made a...
  19. RhinoRider

    Denon x-1700 mixer

    Is this mixer over kill for the wedding DJ who doesnt do video. i have a chance to grab this at a smokin deal!! but thought it was overkill for me. any reviews
  20. RhinoRider

    Price yourself (Ala carte or Package)

    Do you think its better to price yourself in a ala Carte style, like pick and chose your options and this is your price. Or when the bride calls say this is my price and you'll get this. I am having issues with both ways: If the bride says all she wants is a DJ not MC- I can quote this...