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  1. love2dj

    Game Show System For Sale

    I have a VERY GOOD CONDITION GS-III that has been collecting dust. I have used it about 1 time in the last 3 years which means it's time to go. (I think I've used it less than 20 times) Paid almost $4000 3 contestant places Table Controller Many Trivia Books and Discs. $1500 plus shipping. It's...
  2. love2dj

    AMS Customer Service

    Hi all, been a few years since my shadow has darkened these doors but hope everyone is fine. The reason for my post is two fold, number 1, has anyone else used American Musical Supply? I have used them many times in the past and the purchasing service has been TREMENDOUS, however, it isn't how...
  3. love2dj

    Rest in Peace My Friend John Allo

    It has been reported that a very good DJ and most of all FRIEND, John Allo has passed away. I spoke with John regularly and called him today for some information. John will be missed. :cry:
  4. love2dj


    If you get this email with the subject of You just received a greeting from a family member DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY It is a HOAXED site, there is a real site with that web address but it goes to a different site and auto downloads an executable file. The body of the email as follows You have...
  5. love2dj

    Anyone Book a Room who isn't going?

    Any rooms booked that aren't planning on going? Will be willing to buy that off of you... Please email me or respond here..
  6. love2dj


    I am in search of a Confetti Canon if anyone is interested in dumping theirs. I have 2, need at least 2 more and know some people just don't use them like they planned on. Please contact me if you have a confetti canon that you are interested in getting rid of. (A CLASS ACT FX) is the kind I am...
  7. love2dj


    & Any other Michigan Jock. Any Bets on November 18th? Willing to take all and any bets... Roadie for a Day Shave your head MONEY Whatever you care to lose, I will gladly take... When OSU plays for the 5th straight year in the Fiesta Bowl... Why does Lloyd Carr's wife give him his...
  8. love2dj

    Worth Movement? Chump Change

    I have been staying away from the boards and other things because I have put more time into my business as of late. I have seen the Worth Tour and everything it advocates. What I took out of what I seen in Cleveland 6 years ago and what others took are 2 different angles I am sure. The idea of...
  9. love2dj

    Game Show for Sale

    If anyone is interested, I have a Game Show for sale. Used 4 times. (bought for Bar work and Then had heartattack and didn't want the bar work any longer) It is the GS-4c had Table and Case Also has all discs and books and all essentials. Unit in Very Good Condition. Just the Unit online...
  10. love2dj

    Cingular AT&T

    Hey, I hve 2 blackberry from AT&T. They in working condition Anyone interested? Also, who has Cingular PTT? Anyone?
  11. love2dj

    CAP, was this one of yours? Woman accused of splashing acid on people at wedding party Created: 4/17/2006 12:45:55 PM Updated:4/17/2006 12:46:07 PM SCHENECTADY, N.Y. -- A woman is accused of crashing a wedding reception in New York and splashing...
  12. love2dj

    Turn out the Lights, the Party's Over, All good things must

    end....... It has been 32 years of working every new year's eve. Since my 14th birthday, I have worked every new year's eve in one form or another. This year, 2005 will be the first time since NYE 1973 that I haven't worked. Funny thing? NYE is also my Birthday, so it has been 32 years of...
  13. love2dj

    NAVIN R JOHNSON-The New Phone Books are Here! I AM SOMEBODY!

    Said I wasn't going to post but think that a whole lot of threads are going to tie into this one about 'Computer Brides' and DIY. Usually, in our county of 150,000 there are 5 DJs in the phone book. One is actually listed and is going out of business but he is still in there because of this...
  14. love2dj

    Bottom Feeding from a self proclaimed HIGH END DJ.

    Hey, I am coming to the darkside. I am putting together 8systems and sending out 8 fairly well trained people to do weddings in my market at $500 for 4 hours That is $450 less than what I get. I am sending them out with a laptop, mixer, wireless microphones and 2 speakers. Watched a wedding...
  15. love2dj

    It has been a year since

    My heartattack. On that day, 7-31-04, was the world's worst feeling, not the heart attack, but the fact that I was going to miss a gig. Well, i wouldn't let anyone take me anywhere until the wedding that was scheduled was covered. It got covered and the medics took me to the hospital. Now, i...
  16. love2dj


    Hey, Wanting to do an ADULT scavenger hunt in a hotel for a meeting of an online card playing site. What things can you come up with to help? Remember, most of these people are flying in or driving a great distance to be there. Please let me know your ideas... Thanks
  17. love2dj

    Need help!!!

    I am trying to rip Promo Only to my Collection of Videos. I have done the following. Downloaded and purchased the #1DVDRipper and also the DivX plug in. I am getting mpeg2 error codes. I am ripping in either MPEG1 or MPEG4 DivX as the setting. I cannot get an entire disc to rip without...
  18. love2dj

    DVD Ripping... What do you use and Why?

    What is the best and easiest software to rip DVD to MPegs? I am just getting into the Video for a couple of ideas for promotions and need to be able to rip easily and efficiently. What is the best way to compress them? What is MPeg4? HELP!
  19. love2dj

    Lincoln Nebraska DJs, I need help...

    Hey, I will be taking a one way flight to lincoln. Can someone tell me the best airline to fly into lincoln (BEST IS CHEAPEST THAT HAS AN ENGINE AND A FLIGHT CREW) Not a crop duster.. Thanks,...
  20. love2dj


    I have a problem out of one of my systems. Has anyone had this happen to them...? Their monitor is feeding back through their speakers? I replaced the monitor and everything is fine, but that really bugs me... Anyone have a way to fix that? It is a NASTY HUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM