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  1. bb

    Holiday Parties are back, for all or some?

    So how are Holiday Party bookings going for the on-lookers. Any new contests, icebreakers ideas or new Christmas songs you plan to play?
  2. bb

    Holiday Parties are back, for all or some?

    We have lost several that now go to the Casinos and just eat, drink and gamble. Employees get casino chips to play ($50-$100 each), instead of a DJ to keep them entertained. Guess which lasts a lot longer 15 minutes of gambling and the money is gone, or a DJ (that is good)? Poor investment for...
  3. bb

    Holiday Parties are back, for all or some?

    Hey group, how is your Holiday Party Bookings going? With the economy being better I'm finding this year to be going well. Lots of companies are doing them again. Sadly many have such low budgets in mind for the entertainment. Although, there are enough inquiries to pass on the those with low...
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    Only 30 people? The Smokey Mountain Rain must have effected his fan base over the years? On occasion I still play some of Ronnie's songs and ARS - Spooky (great version). Wonder what they got paid, or, if they got paid? So what chat boards are DJs using nowadays? This one is dead, almost. List...
  5. bb

    The Credibility of DJs Forever Changed...for the better

    You can mix better :hp13: Just different ingredients - music!
  6. bb

    Only Retired DJs Are "Real" DJs

    That Canadian water is keeping you healthy. Keep at it. I walk (semi-jog) 6-9 miles a day. That helps keep my energy level and stamina up.
  7. bb

    Only Retired DJs Are "Real" DJs

    You can do it, just cue up the song, I Like Dreamin'- Kenny Nolan In the meantime, stay healthy and dance!
  8. bb

    Only Retired DJs Are "Real" DJs

    I just forgot what you said, please repeat that :)
  9. bb

    Only Retired DJs Are "Real" DJs

    Beginning sign of you are getting to be an old DJ. What was the name of the song you played before the one your playing now? The old Dj replied ______________________________. Sign of advanced oldness, what song are you playing now? DJ replied________________________. Sign you are too old to...
  10. bb

    Only Retired DJs Are "Real" DJs

    Real DJs use/used turntables and mixers to mix. Some of us still have it too!
  11. bb

    Today's job

    Okay, how many balloons did you pop? Wish I could work wearing shorts :)
  12. bb

    Happy Birthday BILL SMITH!!

    There are millions of them. Is he the only one with a birth date today? I thought he was turning 20. And was getting to old for DJing so he quit.
  13. bb

    Member Since 2002

    You win the most posts of the month award :)
  14. bb

    New Swing Out Sister Cd Drops!

    After all that, I'm still not persuaded :) But, I'll get it.
  15. bb

    It's Time To Hang Up The Headphones!

    Enjoy the Golden Years Nicky. Stay healthy! Now you'll have more time to search for Aliens. And when you find them, let us know :)
  16. bb

    What Has Happened To This Site?

    It says closed group on the links above. Does that mean one must pay to be a part of it, or, it has too many Djs already, or a select group?
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    You'll need a glass a wine, or full bottle, to relax when all is done :)
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    What Has Happened To This Site?

    Please share the names of the more active sites/forums.
  19. bb

    What Has Happened To This Site?

    Yeah! It could be many here are full of bookings and just don't have time to check in. My slow month is here - November I only have 3 events total this month. Similar for January with only 4 events booked. December is much better.
  20. bb

    My Ev's Today

    Gotta' keep the seagulls, pigeons, and eagles happy too, as well as any nearby neighbor:) Question for you. In buildings like a Capital Dome or large concrete warehouse, what are solutions (eq, placement, fancy trick boxes, certain type of mic, speaker tips when talking) you recommend to make...