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  1. CCSNDS1

    Customer Eats 99% Of A 16 Oz Steak And Then Wants His Money Back!

    I am looking for advice in how to handle a situation from last Sat wedding. History: 2nd wedding, couple both in their 50’s. Ceremony and wedding held in their large back yard. Tent, beautiful fall day, approx. 100 guest. The majority of guest are the B&G age, 40’s – 60’s both had adult...
  2. CCSNDS1

    Wedding From Hell Due To?

    I have been Djing for many years and frankly because of the knowledge I have gained through many of you, and from attending conventions, and using the MB forums etc… I have never run across this situation? I also work in the computer industry and managed AV for higher Ed. Not saying I know...
  3. CCSNDS1

    New Equipment, What Would You Choose?

    I’m on a mission from God to get the band no DJ Bus back online! (no Elwood or Jake!) I’m going to be playing mostly GB gigs, weddings, birthday and anniversary parties, pagan rituals and the likes! No club work! Also, I’m a Pro Audio guy so I do not want junk! I need just about everything for...