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  1. DJOpieBaltimore

    Dmx / Strip Lighting Question

    So I bought these RGB LED tubes at lowes. The small controller will change the colors to rotate thru them all. I am interested in converting these to DMX control. It has a plug with 4 wires going into it. Could I use something...
  2. DJOpieBaltimore

    Las Vegas DJs?

    Folks - My company is having an event in a penthouse suite at the Hard Rock on Monday May 12th from 8 to 11. I am looking for someone that could could provide some sound/background music. Thanks!
  3. DJOpieBaltimore

    Extending Shure 1/4 Wave Antennas?

    I have 4 Shure BLX4R mics in a thick undercounter metal rack. Because of the placement and the lack of line of sight, I am having some pretty big issues with mic dropouts. They dont make a sharkfin for 1/4 wave and I would like to extend mount them up in the air. Do you see a problem with...
  4. DJOpieBaltimore

    I-Beam Light Mounting?

    I have some load bearing I-beams in a cafe area and want to mount a few LED par cans and such. Less than 100 pounds of fixtures total. Don't want to have trussing rigged up or drill into the metal. What kind of clamp could I use to mount directly on the I-Beam without any drilling and still be...
  5. DJOpieBaltimore

    Best Subwoofer Pole?

    What is the best quality subwoofer pole to fit between my jbl eon speaker and sub? Must be adjustable. Must fit snug in the cup. Ultimate has been toting some products for the last 18 months that have never seen the light of day. Thanks!
  6. DJOpieBaltimore

    Ultimate SP90B Satellite Speaker Poles?

    Anybody have any info on these or know when they will be available? Seems like they have been listed for months but not for sale yet. I have the JBL Eon 518S subs and can't seem to find a decent pole that fits snug within the cup.
  7. DJOpieBaltimore

    Extension Cord Question

    I recently picked up a one of those Stage Ninja extension cords and wanted to know if it has enough juice to plug my G2 powered speakers into it as well as my Numark NS7? I used it on a gig and think had the little breaker pop on it. I thought it was a rockin' little unit, but also don't...
  8. DJOpieBaltimore

    Sub Rental Needed in Baltimore

    I know its late notice... But I am looking to find a place to rent a small powered sub for Thursday 12/4 returning it on Sunday 12/7. I am in the Baltimore area. Thanks Ethan
  9. DJOpieBaltimore

    Rip Neo+g?

    Anyone know how to rip a neo+g disc? I have googled and there is nothing on this subject. Thanks Opie
  10. DJOpieBaltimore

    Karaoke Rental in Baltimore Needed

    I am doing a small party for a friend in Baltimore next week and am looking to rent a karaoke unit. The theme is 80's sing a long. Any help our thoughts would be appreaciated. It is next Thursday night the 28th. I have a set of Eon's, mixer, etc.. Just looking for the unit and all the...
  11. DJOpieBaltimore

    Music for Fashion Show...

    I am putting together music for a lingerie fashion show this week and wanted to get some thoughts on how to format the music.... - Current vs. old music? - Loops vs. entire song? It is going to be 4-5 models with 3-4 outfits each. Thanks Opie
  12. DJOpieBaltimore

    Miami this week...

    Going to be in Miami this Wednesday and Thursday nights on business... Anyone have any good tips? I am staying at the Wyndham and havent been in South Beach since WMC 1997. The days of Liquid and GrooveJet. Thanks Opie
  13. DJOpieBaltimore

    Toad... Is This You? Nuff said... Opie
  14. DJOpieBaltimore

    Generator Help

    I am interested in setting my gear up for a football tailgate and needed some help with a generator. I have heard that you need special filters and such. I am going to be running a crown macro tech 2400 as well as cd players, bbe, and crossover. A friend says he has a large generator, but...
  15. DJOpieBaltimore

    Hurricane Benefit in Baltimore - Need a Little Help

    Everyone, I am going to be holding a 80's Party - Hurricane Benefit at Bowling Alley in Baltimore. The event is going to be Friday Sept. 30th. I am looking for someone in the area that would be willing to lend or rent me a UV wash for the evening. This is a private event (if you are...
  16. DJOpieBaltimore

    Game Show Mania Help - Nashville

    Everyone, I am a DJ here in Baltimore (semi-retired :cry: ) and am planning a corporate event for my day job at the Gaylord Opryland hotel in Nashville. I am looking for someone to help supply Game Show Mania for us on a Friday afternoon in March. There could also be the potential for one...
  17. DJOpieBaltimore

    Gooseneck XLR Mic Stand/Cable

    Everyone, I have had a devil of a time locating a goosneck that has male/female xlr connections. This is so I can use my own shure mic on my mixer. Any thoughts? Thanks.. Opie