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    My Official Full Review of the Yamaha DXR10's/ZXA1 Sub

    About a year and half ago my first pair of speakers, FBT MaXx 4a's unfortunately were blown after nearly 10 years of use and after months of searching for a repair method, i had no luck and decided to start shopping for a new set of tops. I looked at only three options but did not have a big...
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    Have you seen Brian Redd's latest video? (The micro system) Pretty impressive if you ask me. Not that I am going to that I just got 2 RCF 312a's that I can't wait to really put to the test in 2 weeks and I am probably going to invest in some ZXA1 subs or some small sub. But yeah this is really...
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    Another EV ZXA-1 System Thread...

    So I searched the forums and I have heard of people using the ZXA-1 and testing the ZXA-1 Sub but it seems no one has really used it in the real world yet...I listened to 1 top and 1 sub together in store at a Sam Ash and when this guy cranked the top to about 1/3 of the way up and the sub...
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    Ridiculous Price for Bose L1 Model 1

    Alright so I was just on ebay looking around and I found Bose L1 Model 1 (no bass bin) for $899!! There is no way this is legit right?!
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    Help Cleaning Up My Laptop

    So I have had my Macbook Pro 13in since about March/April 2010 and I have had a Speck case on it for most of it's life (for the record I highly recommend Speck cases they are about $50 but they are indestructable) and it's starting to look a little dirty from outside gigs and just regular use in...
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    DJM-5000 Experience

    I am looking to get a high end rackmount mixer and I am looking mainly at the DJM 5000. I saw some older threads about it and would love to see if anyone has some up to date opinions on it.
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    Speaker Repair. Where do you get it done?

    I have some FBT MaXx 4a's that need to be repaired. Where exactly do I get this done? I really miss them and want them back in good working order.
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    Anyone know anything about the DJM-250?

    I am thinking about picking one up. Does anyone know have any experience or heard any reviews? I can't seem to find anything.
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    Looking for that perfect mic...

    I am getting really tired of microphone shopping and hearing everything about mics etc so I am welcoming everybody's opinion here. I have owned 3 wireless mics in my 8 years. My first was a $100 Nady mic which lasted about 6 years, great mic, I never really pushed it and when it died, I needed...
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    Help me out a little bit please...

    To my friends at Mobile Beat I consider you all that I talk to close friends. I know most of us have never met in person but I am asking for your help. I am in charge of philanthropic endeavors for my fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi. This is the first year my chapter is putting on an actual...
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    Where can I find Serato replacement stuff?

    I just bought SL1 on ebay and it didn't come with the RCA's and USB. I have a million of those but I would like to know where I could get the one's Serato normally comes with.
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    Where Do You Get Your Hype Remixes?

    I have so much trouble finding good "hype" remixes of pop/top 40 songs and there are a few of gigs where I use these pretty frequently and would like to get more. I use DJCity and almost exclusively and I have so much trouble searching Crack4DJ's for stuff that is hype but no...
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    Was looking at some new mixers, saw this baby and fell in love! Anyone have any experience with it?
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    WTB: DN-S3700's

    Looking for a set of these wanting to spend between $1000 and $1200 anything more and I could buy them new. Let me know if you guys see any deals or are wanting to get rid of yours. Thanks guys!
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    This is a new low for Craigslist DJ's...

    Wow...that is all I can say... (if the link doesn't work) "Save money on your wedding with us! My fiance and I bought a huge bose L1 speaker because we thought all of the prices for DJs were outrageous. Of course we can't mix music or...
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    Let's Say You Were Presenting at Mobile Beat...

    What would present about? Just curious. I personally would love to do a presentation on how to run a multi-op without ruining your rep or something about the difference between being interactive and being cheesy (I am considering signing up to do one) or of course a gear seminar because I just...
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    Denon SC3900 Supposedly Confirmed

    Supposedly the newest Denon deck (the DN-SC3900) is back on its way. Here is the exclusive article, maybe I will hold off on looking at new decks. Could be a while though.
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    You Know What I Would Love...

    If there was some way that you could try before you buy with DJ equipment. I know that there are show rooms and stuff but I can't mix with CDJ's and DN-S3700's at guitar center or sam ash. I just wish there was a way I could do that before I buy something. I am really torn between CDJ's (850's...
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    Timecode vs. HID CDJ's

    I have a buddy who is looking to buy some Pioneer CDJ's and wants to buy some used 1000's but I said get something new with HID support for Serato like the 850 and he said why. I told him because HID mode is better than using timecode, the mix is more precise, it doesn't "slip" as much when you...
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    Line 6 Has Gone Line Array and It Looks Good!

    So for those of you that have been following this year's Namm Show it seems like everyone is trying to get into Line Array. As of right now Bose is the undisputed king of line array but it's possible that is all about to change. I have looked at the specs and it doesn't look like anyone has the...