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    This Monster Album Released 38 Years Ago Today!

    You would have to like Blondie to love the album. IMO some really good tracks but I am not a Blondie fan for the most part. I know several who are.... may get me ROCKIN! Nothin' matters but the weekend from a Tuesday point of view!!
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    Blondie Fans

    Know a guy who looks a lot like the guy on the Rapture video
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    Sub facing the wall???

    The overall output level is roughly -which can be good or bad depending upon the potential for falling hazards-often the best you can hope to achieve is relatively even bass -but that's not always the case- sometimes separated subs can produce better results in odd shaped rooms. LOL, sorry
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    Top 5 Dance floor fillers

    Didn't see these, they work for us after some beer has been drank Grand Funk-Locomotion Meat loaf-Two out of three Joe Walsh- Rocky mountain way
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    DJ AM Found dead in New York

    To many when they reach the top of what they do fall this way....Howard Hughes turned to a lonely recluse but had it all....This list would 100's if we all gave input. AM was a great entertainer......Maybe he had nothing else to prove to himself. Drugs or booze are not the way but it happens...
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    What would you do?

    Don't buy them, used to many years ago till our pool changed numbers and one of our sets hit a few weeks later for several mill..... In Ohio which says the lottery supports schools each student gets a whopping 75 CENTS paid to the schools a year from the lottery!! Tough question for...
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    Looking for a song

    Think it was the detergents that made I'll never eat at home anymore also. Think it was Igor's celler on the flip side....
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    Suggestions for a Pop Up Tent

    Thanks Diana My thoughts from lessons learned
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    Suggestions for a Pop Up Tent

    We use a 10x10 Firstup from wally world. $88 bucks. Had this one for 2 years and NO issues at all! Simple dark blue canopy with tough material. The last one became a kite flying 100 feet into a woods from a micoburst, frame busted REAL bad. We learned to NEVER fasten the top securely...
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    Favorite simply for listening tunes

    Depends on the mood I am in or want to be in. Kris Kristopherson is great sometimes, Papa Roach others LOL Most of the time good ole 80's long haired rock! On an off shore :D
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    Biker bar 1st time

    Got a call last week from the owner of a biker bar. The band they had booked cancelled for Saturday and they were in a pinch. We talked a bit, we were open and agreed on a price with the understanding that we had never been in her place and may not give the patrons what they are used to...
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    Weekend's Random Requests

    Disco Duck..... 1st time we have ever been asked for it and it was in a biker bar! LOL
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    R.i.P. - If I leave here tomorrow...

    Lynyrd Skynyrd has had a bad way to go a couple times.....sad for such a great group. I think listening to a few tunes now will honor the loss. Red white and blue
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    What do you have for Christmas cheer?

    Sam Adam's Boston Lager with or early afternoon meal and a couple Beam N Cokes for later...
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    Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!

    Our family would like to wish everyone here a wonderfull Thanksgiving Small turnout today due to a flu epidemic.. Our daughter is down with the flu and needed dad to bring her some things. The store which I just came from is out of 7up and looks like it is running low on chicken noodle...
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    What do you think?

    Thanks for your thoughts guys! Be great if more had thoughts..
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    What do you think?

    Since 58 people looked at the thread with no input thought a bit of my thoughts would help. This is obviously an amateur video but IMO a well done amateur endeavor. I know 2 of the people in the video and guessing some of you may also. One I know pretty well just for the record. I like...
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    Are You Using Fog These Days?

    We use fog always except where asked not to but almost always VERY sparingly. Only one 400 watt fogger at most shows where we use fog... We have a 4" hidden fan that disperses it very quickly, Just enough to add to the lighting.