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    Beta Testers Wanted

    Spell check is your friend.
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    Save your money... Cross DJ 3.0

    Exactly... I should have known. It looked promising from the demo.
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    Save your money... Cross DJ 3.0

    I recently purchased Cross DJ 3.0 hoping that it would be an adequate comparison to VDJ. Boy was I disappointed! First of all, the software was rather inexpensive. At $49 for the regular version and a $29 upgrade to video, I thought that it may be a bargain. I installed the software and...
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    Gobo Projectors?

    Video projector is the most cost effective and best looking.
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    HK Audio - Elements System - Review

    See my attached review of the HK Audio Elements System
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    Denon - DISAPPOINTING for sure!

    I am going to call in today and record what they say to me and post it here... I know you guys don't believe me... just wait!
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    Denon - DISAPPOINTING for sure!

    Show me where this is available... and I will buy one. No reply from Silvio (from Denon)... just as I thought. Denon has an issue with this and treat customers TERRIBLE when they try to get help on this issue. This may be the last Denon I buy.
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    Denon - DISAPPOINTING for sure!

    I contacted Denon support the other day to ask them about my right player button on my DN-MC6000 sticking. Sometimes it does nothing. Sometimes it plays a milli-second of the track... You know what they told me... For $400, we can put a new board in it for you! The more I investigate...
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    USED GEAR - Buy, Sell or Trade for August 2013

    Complete Dynacord System for sale... Complete Dynacord System for sale. This system cost $9200 originally! 4 - D8 (Tops) 2 - Powersub 312 (Subs) - You will get 3 of them but one is for parts... not working. 1 - Sub 112 (Passive Sub) Besides the speakers, I have heavy duty custom covers...
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    USED GEAR - Buy, Sell or Trade for August 2013

    Bose - L1, Model 2 with B2 Bass Module (Two Systems Available) Bose - L1, Model 2 with B2 Bass Module $2300. Excellent Condition Pickup from my home near Pittsburgh or pay shipping (If you can buy it less elsewhere, please do)
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    Wow... this board is dead!

    Must be that everyone is on the facebook rooms. Every time I check in, there are fewer and fewer posts... Sign of the times, I guess.
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    Comparing Chauvets

    The biggest difference is that the Freedom Par has wireless built into the fixture. That is a huge plus for me. In fact, just purchased some from
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    USED GEAR - Buy, Sell or Trade for March 2013

    Uplighting for sale...! 6 - Blizzard RGBA's for sale. $600 for all of them and shipping is only $15. These are in perfect condition and I can take visa or mastercard if you prefer. Text me if interested 724-777-2270 or email
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    USED GEAR - Buy, Sell or Trade for February 2013

    13" Macbook Pro $850 shipped anywhere in the US Mid-2010, Unibody 2.4 Ghz, Core 2 Duo Processor 8 Gigs Ram 500 Gig HD 256 Video Ram EXCELLENT Condition! email me or text me if interested. I am not on here to check pm's very often scott at or 724-seven seven seven-2270
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    USED GEAR - Buy, Sell or Trade for December 2012

    QSC Kw181 $1000. Pittsburgh area. Text me if interested - 724 - seven seven seven -2270
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    Up and coming hardware technology.

    Just get a Mac Mini... even smaller yet and has incredible video capability and tons of storage space...
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    HELP! B-52 Matrix 1000 v2 issue!

    Ken is right on... internal fuse. Not too hard to change at all.
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    MacBook Pro or MacBook Air?

    Also, take into consideration that the Macbook only has two USB ports and the Pro has at least three. May not sound like much but it is!
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    Numark Company FAILS again! A Must Read!

    Not sure what you mean Bob??? Do you mean a mixer instead of a controller? The mixer has stellar reviews and cost $1000. What is better? The Denon DN-MC6000? I have that now! Please enlighten me on what is better than the NS6.
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    USED GEAR - Buy, Sell or Trade for June 2012

    I had my NS6 in for repair at Numark. They have elected to replace it. Since then, I have purchased something else so I no longer need this NS6. It is factory sealed from Numark and is arriving at my home via fed ex on Wednesday. I am blowing this out to anyone who wants it for $699 and I...