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  1. jbrown157

    The NEW Hercules RMX 2 is Coming, The NEW Hercules RMX 2 is Coming!!!!

    I have an RMX for ceremonies too and am pretty happy with it except for the mic talkover feature, would rather just have a switch and gain control. Sound card quality is not as good as I get using my gigaports. I hope they addressed these things in the RMX2.
  2. jbrown157

    New DJ Vehicle?

    I had a look at one of these in the showroom. Was thinking about replacing my Windstar Cargo van. I decided that this vehicle was too short for my lighting equipment. The Windstar lives on..
  3. jbrown157

    Alphaville Forever Young in German

    Have a request for this one. I cannot find this in German anywhere. Seems to me that a German band would have released this song in their native language. I am not sure whether this even exists. Can anyone help?
  4. jbrown157

    Black Skirting for Tripods

    I skirt my tripods at weddings. I use 8' lengths of black velveteen fabric that my wife bought at a fabric store - that's what the table skirt is too. I get many compliments on my setup appearance.
  5. jbrown157

    Detroit Tour stop is sold out!!

    Great news! Looking forward to a great show. It's going to be fun and informative.
  6. jbrown157

    Mailing Postcards

    I recently sent out post cards targeting elementary & middle schools in my area offering a weeknight (Monday-Thursday) special. I designed the cards myself and had a local printer print them. I was very happy with how the cards turned out. With the new technology, short full-color runs are no...
  7. jbrown157

    DJ'ing Daughter's Wedding Reception ???

    Each person needs to evaluate their own particular situation and decide accordingly. Having said that up front... When my oldest son told me he was getting married, he initally told me that they didn't want me to be their DJ, so I could enjoy the reception as a parent. The Bride's sister was...
  8. jbrown157

    So what Mobile Beat Pioneer ProDJ Tour Stop should we expect to see you at?

    We'll see you at the Detroit show! X3 I missed seeing a lot of our Detroit area DJs at the ADJA Chicago show - you guys missed a good one!
  9. jbrown157

    60s Dinner Music

    Heard this on XM radio the other day and had to immediatly add it to my "Rocktails" list: "Good Lovin'" by.... The Grateful Dead. I like the Rascals version. I like this one even better. Take a listen.
  10. jbrown157

    Jackson 5 Megamix?

    Has anyone heard of this or know where I could find it? I've never seen this (I have the Michael Jackson Megamix). Thanks.
  11. jbrown157

    ADJA Summer Conference & Show!

    This just gets better all the time. I'm looking forward to it! Also anxious to hear Mitch at our chapter meeting. Good stuff.
  12. jbrown157

    $14.95 Are You Kidding ..can You Help

    Great site and good find. I see they have quality DJ gear too... Pyle AND Pyramid! Nothing but the best! ;)
  13. jbrown157

    Where Do You Stand For Intros?

    First, I am thrilled to hear that Randy will be doing a seminar in Chicago. I am definetely a Bartlett disciple! I'll be looking forward to it and already have purchased my tickets. This is a very interesting topic and one that I had never even thought about before. I always bring an...
  14. jbrown157

    Irish Music for St. Patricks Day

    I would add The Hooters. Check out "Karla With a K".
  15. jbrown157

    Ever want to know what's really in Mr Lucky's jacket?

    Mark, that's pretty funny..... Hey! Where's MY watch??? What the ??????
  16. jbrown157

    Meet Mark Evans!

    I have actually met and know Mark Evans. It has been a life-changing experience. I highly recommend it. (But then again, I also enjoy getting root canals and watching the Detroit Lions.) Love ya Mark. Congrats!
  17. jbrown157

    Marine Corps Christmas Directive...

    Excellent! I'm going to share this with a few family members who are in the military!. Thanks, Ken.
  18. jbrown157

    Orange County Is On Fire...

    My Brother in Law is an Orange County Firefighter. He's been gone for three days fighting that fire and my sister has no idea when he'll be able to come back home. Hope it stays away from you, Ken.
  19. jbrown157

    Controlling an unruly crowd

    Diana makes a good point. Whenever possible, I create a "focal point" (usually the center of the Dance floor) when I do my preamble (auduence "warm-up). I "train" the audience to always look to this spot for anything important (Grand entrance, first dance, etc.) After giving them event details...
  20. jbrown157

    Controlling an unruly crowd

    Thanks for the replies. I do pretty much the same as Ken and Jeff have stated. I do a "preamble" (Thanks Jim Cerone) before every event. I make the crowd interact with me. I get their attention right off the bat and I do not let them off the hook. My guess is that my guy didn't do this. The...