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  1. Johnny Dee

    Programming Light Shows For Upcoming Events.

    Programming dance floor Light Shows for upcoming DJ events using Martin M2PC and MSD Visualizer.
  2. Johnny Dee

    We're International...matty D In Madrid, Spain

    Ambassador Event Production is now international! Matty D is in Madrid, Spain for a week long event for one of our clients. Load in has begun for this week's meetings. We are providing 42 podium style conference microphone system, 6 Wireless microphones, projectors, screens, mixing console with...
  3. Johnny Dee

    Hs Homecoming

    HS Homecoming...800+ guests...DB Technologies Line Array, 4-double 18" Subs, 2 Platinum 35 Pro Spots, 2 Rogue Hybrids, 4 Platinum 15Rs, 4 Rush LED Wash, 2 Rogue LED Wash....all Moving Heads. 24 Uplights. Martin M2PC DMX Controller. Friends.mp4
  4. Johnny Dee

    New Album From Tiffany (yes, That Tiffany)

    We just did sound for her performance yesterday at the Gay Pride Festival in Norwalk, CT. It was pouring rain all day at the festival. Matt said she sounded good.
  5. Johnny Dee

    Event Production

    A busy past week of events. Our Friday and Saturday events allowed only 1 hour between the events. 48 hours of work with only a 1 hour break. Here's pix from our Saturday event. We provided sound and lighting for Rapper/DJ Ace Hood and the Dream Junkies as well as local acts all day long.
  6. Johnny Dee

    New Multi-media Website

    Our new multi-media events website is up and running today. We've got lots of information on our multi-media services on the site. It's main purpose is for us to send potential clients to the site so they can get more information and see the Video Walls, Flat Screens and Projector/Screens in...
  7. Johnny Dee

    Busy Weekend

    Started out Friday morning at our warehouse loading up our box truck and a van for this weekends events. Friday night we did sound at a college event which ended at 10pm. We then went to a hotel to set up a BIG sound system and light show for a private HS having a dance for 850 kids on...
  8. Johnny Dee

    Two Minute Led Video Wall Video Promo

    We're getting a good response from prospective clients for the LED Video Wall. We developed this quick video promo of the video wall. We have a planned photo/video promo shoot coming up where we hope to get some good footage to produce another video promo.
  9. Johnny Dee

    Led Video Wall

    For the last two weeks we have had the LED Video Wall out at events. Last week we provided the video wall for a DJ Booth at a Bridal Show. A photo is shown below. At the same show we also provided sound for the band at the show. (DB Technologies Line Array and Midas Pro 1 Digital Console)...
  10. Johnny Dee

    Nye Event

    This NYE we provided sound and lighting for DJ Keith Alan. I believe this was the 6th year we have done this event with Keith. It's always a blast working with him The venue has 3 rooms and we are in the main room with 1200+ guests. It's a tough room for sound and lighting as it is a very...
  11. Johnny Dee

    Our New Sweet 16 And Quinceanera Video

    We just finished a short 3 minute video of the services we can provide for Sweet 16's and Quinceanera's.
  12. Johnny Dee

    Festival And Concert Video Promo

    The festival and concert market is a market we work in with our event production company. We just completed this video promo to show potential clients the services we offer. It applies to both DJs and Bands.
  13. Johnny Dee

    Event Production Video Mfor Gala's And Fundraiser's

    Just finished a promo video strictly for Gala's and Fundraiser's. It's 3 minutes long and not like a wedding promo where you want to show people dancing and having fun. It's designed to show the services we offer (of which DJ is just a portion). The purpose of the video is really to have a...
  14. Johnny Dee

    Up-scale Sweet 16 Party And Homecoming

    This weekend we had the two following events. This is the fourth year we have performed at this schools Homecoming. We never met with anyone in regards to the Sweet 16 Party. A brief discussion on the phone with the Sweet 16 girl and that was it. Most of our clients rely on us to provide a...
  15. Johnny Dee

    Oktoberfest 2015

    Just finished doing sound for Oktoberfest 2015 along with Celebration Event Production. 10,000+ attendees. A tent the length of a football field plus both sidewalks outside the tent loaded with people. FOH sound was our DB Technologies Line Array with the addition of 4 Delays down the tent and...
  16. Johnny Dee

    Light Shows

    Finally finished hours of programming light shows for our upcoming Homecoming events, Festivals and Stage Shows. We like to update our light shows on a regular basis. Lighting is a big upsell for us.
  17. Johnny Dee

    Our New Warehouse/shop

    We have spent this week moving into our new warehouse/shop. We out grew our old location. A couple of more truck loads and everything will be moved. Then the work to install shelving, organize equipment and settle in. This new warehouse/shop will allow us to provide more services to our...
  18. Johnny Dee

    Food Truck Rodeo And Music Festival

    Saturday a 6:00am call time to set up sound for the Food Truck Rodeo and Music Festival in Stamford, CT. It rained all day (that's the reason for the blue tarps). Even with the rain it was a good turnout. People braved the weather for great food, DJ and Band entertainment. 3 DJ's and 2 Bands...
  19. Johnny Dee

    A Busy Weekend

    This was a busy weekend. Friday night we provided sound and lighting for DJ Lady Tita at a private event. Saturday we brought out our big DB Technologies sound setup for the "Pride in the Park" event featuring DJ Lady Tita, a band and a show. Sunday was a 5am call time to set up our DB...
  20. Johnny Dee

    Prom Setup For 650 Guests

    A very busy and long 4 days. Thursday a private event, Friday a club event, Saturday a prom and Sunday a long setup for a week long corporate event. Here's some photos from the prom setup (650 guests).