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  1. mojoworkin

    Rig pic thread?

    I'm pulling my hair out trying to come up with the perfect rig - I love my old one, but it's just too much to move. I've been away from the boards for a while, and popped-on to see if there was thread of rig pics from which I might draw some inspiration. I can't seem to search one up - anybody...
  2. mojoworkin

    Possible Bug identified in OTS 1.75

    I've found a possible bug that locks OTS and the machine up tight - I've reproduced on two separate machines. Please try this and see if you get it too: From withing the medial library, click and drag a box inside the "TITLE" window. Drag the box upwards toward the decks. This will cause...
  3. mojoworkin

    Ots and new Hercules MKII - HELP!

    I got tired of complaining about my old Hercules, and bought myself a spanking new MKII. Eager to try it, I pulled out the main lappy (mistake!) and installed the drivers. It appears to be working: I can get sound out of it and most buttons are responsive. The problem is, OTS can't initialize...
  4. mojoworkin

    FREE/Low Cost Pro-Tools like app

    From one of the creators of Winamp SHOUTcast, Gnutella, etc... Yummy!
  5. mojoworkin

    Gig Pix - Bose Content

    Okay, I'm in love. I really do like using the L-1's in a wedding setting. Here's the scenario: Villa Montalvo, historic venue. 200 guests dining outdoors, dancing indoors. Room would hold 300 standing. The dancefloor got some action before the first dance. Venue manager, Nationally...
  6. mojoworkin

    Using My Bose PAS L-1's Before They Even Arrived.

    Yep. I called Cap to ask some questions and ended up taking the plunge right then and there. Why not? Plenty of time to decide, 1 year no intrest fi-nancin', free SKB case blah blah... But that's not what I'm writing about. I think I managed to get some bang for my bucks even before the...
  7. mojoworkin

    Zippered Mic Cases? Colored Mic Bands?

    Looking for two things: Zippered mic cases and color-coding bands for a few wireless mics. Anybody know a good source? Thanks!
  8. mojoworkin

    Lonestar - When You Say Nothing At All?

    Not finding this anywhere, and the client SWEARS that it's Lonestar. Could this be the Limewire phenomena? I wanted to doublecheck before asking them. Thanks!
  9. mojoworkin

    Backup software recommendation?

    I can no longer handle the backup task manually - thus far I have been copying all new files to my main DJ drive, and then backing up by copying any new files to the backup drive. It's been getting more complicated as time goes on. I'm looking for backup software that will compare contents...
  10. mojoworkin

    Gig pics!

    A very nice photographer took a few snaps of ME! Imagine that, they usually work so hard to get the DJ *OUT* of the shots. Enjoy!
  11. mojoworkin

    iPod DJ spotted on The Simpsons

    /Smacking head with hand.
  12. mojoworkin

    1 RU Mixer - 3 Mic, 2 stereo Line

    This weekend I did a big-fat Chinese wedding banquet that required 2 extra wireless mics, and a surprise video montage (No I did NOT forget to ask - it REALLY was a surprise) I made it all work, but it was not pretty. I'd always wanted a little Swiss Army mixer, but now I'm finally ready to...
  13. mojoworkin

    System monitor software?

    I'd like to keep tabs on my system, mainly drive, cpu and internal temperature. Is there a resource-friendly system monitor that anyone would care to recommend? I'm googling, but not really finding much. Thanks! Ron
  14. mojoworkin

    Dj Wes's lists

    SWEET! I did not want this link lost in the thread that went all astray. This is one "lazy" DJ that will enjoy poring over these lists organized by year, and picking my own favorites out of the heaps. Nice work, Wes!
  15. mojoworkin

    Everybody have FUN tonite!

    Just booked a wedding today - That's not the big news... The Groom's last name? Chung. The bride's last name? Wang. That's right... It's the Wang/Chung Wedding. WheeEEEEee!
  16. mojoworkin

    Great song, BUT...

    This started as a discussion about iPods and rookie DJ's with another DJ friend of mine, and I'd like to expand on it. There are a ton of songs in my library that I would NEVER play "As-Is." There is something in the song that wrecks it's dance-floor magic - Usually the intro or some kind...
  17. mojoworkin

    BOSE PAS - cumbersome?

    Right now I lug mackie 450's and a sub. They're heavy, but I can move them fairly easily on a Rock and Roll Cart. The Bose PAS look like a funky object to move around. I can only imagine them taking extra trips to the van. Does it disassemble? Is there a case? Anyone care to comment...
  18. mojoworkin

    Rhapsody and other online music services.

    Rhapsody is a far from perfect music service, but I thought I'd mention how useful it has been for me. Unlike iTunes, which only gives me a little snippet of each song, for $10.00 a month I get the entire Rhapsody library on-demand. This is GREAT for research and always comes in handy...
  19. mojoworkin

    Greasy Kid Stuff

    DJ Daddy has two kids in Elementary School, and my deal with the school so far has been that I'd be happy to give a hand with school functions that cater to adults - this way I've felt no compunction at all to keep up with kid requests, since I was playing music for the enjoyment of the adults...