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    Silver Color Uplighting

    Hey There, It's been awhile since I've been around these parts! I have an uplighting question. I have a client for this coming weekend who has requested silver for her uplighting color. I use Chauvet EZPar 64's that are RGBA. I have tinkered with the settings and can't really come up with...
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    No-Show Client

    Here's an interesting situation. Back in August, I had a prospect contact me about her May 2014 wedding. We sent a few e-mails back and forth and then she disappeared. No big deal. A month later, she contacted me again and told me she had changed her date to April 2014. Again, we sent a few...
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    New Vehicle Time - Need Some Ideas

    Well, my old Windstar is on its last legs. I have some money put away to buy a much nicer and newer vehicle so the time has come. Since I haven't bought a vehicle in almost a decade and am pretty unfamiliar with all the new ones out there (crossovers and such), I figured I could ask my DJ...
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    Power Cord For ADJ Starball LED

    I have an American DJ Starball LED and have misplaced the power cord. I've tried a few other similar cords but all they do is make the ball turn on but not spin around. The specs are 12V-1.67A/20VA. When I told two different Radio Shacks this, they told me there was no way they could help...
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    BOSE Review

    Well, I’ve been a BOSE owner for about a monthnow. I just wanted to thank Cap for hishelp. He had my two L1’s with B2 bassbins to me in two business days! I set them up in my garage and played some good “sonic”music (Van Halen, Queensryche, Pink Floyd, Earth Wind & Fire). Good golly! I...
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    Rude Guests - A New Low

    I know we’ve all complained about this subjectcountless times, but I have to just let loose about last night… I had two cases of what I would consider to be “insanerudeness”. CASE 1: As I’mlining the bridal party up and doing roll call, I said a Groomsman’s name (itwas super easy, so he...
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    Self-Maintained Website & Hosting Help

    Hey There, I've run into a slight dilemma. I created my website using Yahoo Sitebuilder in 2004 and loved it because I could update it myself very quickly. Yahoo also hosts my website for $12.95 per month. Well, about a month ago, Java asked me to update to their latest version (version 7)...
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    Officiant No-Showed

    Well, it took almost 17 years but it finally happened. The officiant no-showed! I'm doing a small (50 guests) daytime ceremony and reception today. I arrived, set up, and greeted the Bride who was getting ready inside. I asked her if the officiant had arrived yet and she said "Oh, about...
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    Dumb Things Prospects Say

    Here's an example of dumb things prospects say. This was one of many questions I got from a prospect in an e-mail a few days ago... "So, your website says unlimited time. So, that means you'll play from start to finish, right?" ...pounds head on desk... Feel free to add your own.
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    Funny Bit From Last Night

    I tend to use sarcasm to get laughs on the mic, especially when I happen to make small mistake. I’ll usually make fun of myself and say “I apologize, but this is my first night and I’ve never done this before.” It usually gets a good laugh. Well, yesterday was a rough day. I had been up...
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    German Music - Need For Tomorrow 11/17

    Hey There, I have a rather "needy" client for tomorrow (11/17) that keeps adding announcements on and changing the order of events last minute. Her latest request was for me to announce the guest who traveled the farthest, who happens to be her uncle from Germany. She wants me to play some...
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    Guest MCs

    Yesterday, I had a Bride contact me about my company taking care of her wedding on 12/1/12 (cutting it close, but many off-season weddings book last-minute). We had a good conversation on the phone and I e-mailed her a contract per her request. So, today, the Groom e-mails me and asks if we'll...
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    Photo Booth On Halloween - Lessons Learned

    Well, every year on Halloween, we go all out. I set up my gear, lights, projector playing movies, etc. We are known in the neighborhood as "The House" because no one else can compare! So, I decided to up the ante even further this year and set up the photo booth! We had the whole family over...
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    Photo Booth - Good "Article"

    My photo booth attendant had to write a paper for her journalism class about "observing a situation" and she chose to write about her experience with the photo booth. I thought you guys would enjoy it... The days of wedding cake smashing and the Electric slide being the highlight of wedding...
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    Company Shirts

    What is the name of that company that Ken Heath recommended to everyone to get their company shirts made?
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    Emceeing A Bridal Show

    Hey There, I've recently been asked to emcee a bridal show. Has anyone ever done it? Pros? Cons? I do a lot of bridal show but have never had an interest in being the emcee (I have enough to worry about running my booth). However, this is for a smaller show about an hour away. I did 2 of...
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    Audio Technica > Line 6

    Well, I had been having some major microphone issues over the last year. I was an AKG user for a long time but the last 2 dual mics I bought from them had 1 mic that wouldn't work, so to hell with them I said. I had heard good things about Line 6, so I forked out $500 for a single mic. I...
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    Bride Wants A Check For $7.19

    I'll tell you, I'm having the most frustrating wedding season of my career this year. These Brides are just getting insane with their request lists, procrastinating, pickiness, wanting to "be different", but this my friends, takes the cake (no pun intended). This Bride hired me as her DJ but...
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    Multi-Op Question

    I don't have time to get into details (which is why I hardly post anymore - just too darn busy!), but had a question for the single ops. Have any of you gone multi-op and then back to single-op? If so, why? Feel free to share your stories as well. Thanks!
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    Photo Booth Advice - Your Lessons Learned

    Well, I have my first photo booth booking next Friday. One of my DJs the DJ, and I am running the booth. Now, I've seen photo booths at about 50 weddings so I get the jist of what goes on and what I need to do as the attendant. However, I wanted to see if any of you guys had any...