You've Hit Lotto For 15 Million, What Do You Do With Your Dj Career?

You've Hit Lotto For 15 Million, What Do You Do With Your DJ Career?

  • I buy the gear I always dreamed about & go all out!

    Votes: 15 25.0%
  • I keep DJing, but only the big ticket retail gigs (& still buy all the gear I ever dreamed about).

    Votes: 13 21.7%
  • I retire & stop DJing all together. Hey I love it & all, but life is too short...

    Votes: 17 28.3%
  • Other (please specify in a post).

    Votes: 15 25.0%

  • Total voters
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I'd give away $1.5 million to various churches and charities, then take care of all immediate necessities and a few luxuries (new home, and new (or at least newer) vehicles), then I'd bring some of my ideas to fruition in an effort to double the money a few times until I turned it into $100 million.

Then I would begin giving away LOTS of money every year to help others in need, and work to turn the $100 million into $1 billion.

Somewhere in there one of my ideas would be to take over the U.S. DJ market.

Steve Lynch

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I'd take 1 million and go absolutely Crazy with it.. just mindless spending...

I'd take 1 million and just drive around making people's day.. stuff like seeing the poor family on the side of the road with the broken down crap box of a car, and driving them to the nearest lot and either buying them a nice new car, or a really nice used one, then saying "see ya!" I'd buy my local senior center a mac daddy Media center, I'd buy laptops for poor kids, and just drive around and hand them out, I'd also probably buy a truck load of $59 Huffy bicycles from Wal mart, and drive around handing them out to kids like candy.. The rest I'd donate to a shelter for abused kids, so they could make a computer lab, or movie theatre, or game room or something for the kids..

The rest, I guess I'd set up trust funds for my kids, Pay off what's left of our mortgage, and be debt free, send my parents on a yearlong whirlwind tour of the world, Buy a houseboat, and basically do what I do now... until I don't feel like it anymore...


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Answering the question: What would I do with my DJ career - I would NEVER do another wedding...PERIOD! I would however continue to work. I would hire a couple more people and only do my Campardy events. The extra people are the roadies and I'm the host. This is where the fun part would come from. If I had the kind of money the post stated, the staff would be well paid and be working full-time with me. In the summer months, Campardy will continue as it is. From Sept to June, I would take it on the road.

That's what I would do.


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1.) Get an annuity

2.) Pay off debt, get investments/college funds for kids

3.) Become a more able philanthropist by donating back to society

4.) Build a cottage on the property in Kalkaska for the family

5.) Buy an island and name it "Playa Del Reno"

6.) Purchase a hot air balloon, Nissan Skyline all suped up, take Piano lessons, learn a couple foreign languages

7.) Expand hardcore

8.) other than that I wouldn't change a damn thing...


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I would get out of debt, help family as much as possible with in reason. Then I would take a trip to Hawaii and the Australia.

Then I would buy a plot of land in the hill country of Texas & build a house.

Mark Evans

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pay off all of my bill
help Mark Evans dj
What did I do?!?!?!? :) You only have 1 bill? :)

I would retire from the day job and devote more time to doing the things I love. I would still DJ but I would have roadies do all the grunt work to where I could just walk in do my thing and let them bring it home :) I would love to travel more and spoil my friends and family. Find out how much a hitman costs in Janesville WI. :p


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I would still DJ, just be a little more picky about the gigs I book. Additionally I would

1. pay off all my bills
2. make sure my family was taken care of
3. provide a fitting memorial at my church for my father, who died unexpectedly last week
4. re-write my will
5. have a lot more fun in Vegas next Feb


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provide a fitting memorial at my church for my father, who died unexpectedly last week
Hi Bob, I'm so sorry for your loss. Been there myself. No way around it, it sucks on ice. The true memorial for your dad is how he'll live on in your heart & the positive things he taught you through your actions. Sincerely, Steve Z


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1. Become debt free
2. Acquire and make the moderators all wear blinders, ear plugs, and hand cuffs attached to their chairs.
3. Buy a case of Chick-o-sticks.

DJ Dave

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I would still DJ, just be a little more picky about the gigs I book. Additionally I would

3. provide a fitting memorial at my church for my father, who died unexpectedly last week

Sorry for your loss. I lost my father a few months ago unexpectedly. :(


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I'm debt free, but here is what I would do.

With that kind of money, there is never a need to work again. I'd take the payout in a lump sum and park the money in 1-3 year cds in anticipation of inflation to kicking in. When that happens, I'd lock the money into staggered long term CDs that pay high interest. Doing that should generate between 1 & 1.5 million a year in interest. Generating that kind of interest (annual income) without touching the principle would let me live well. I could never spend that much money so I would leave the original $15 million to Bill Smith when my time comes.

Earl From CloudNine

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Well let's see... I'm already retired, so can't do that. I have a decent monthly pension income with excellent medical and dental plans, so the basics are covered.
So what could I do? I'd probably consult Joe Martin as to exactly how to invest the 15 mil.... and then I'd become "Andy"... If you've seen the movie Shawshank Redemption, you know what I mean.
As for DJing, I'd donate the equipment to the club where I normally play... with the proviso that I can pop in and host a Karaoke night whenever I feel like it.
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the only big purchase I would make is a fully customized Prevost Entertainer's coach (at around $800,000).

Other than that, not much else would change.


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Wow.....I would find some cool, small, touristy tropical type of place to live and buy a really fun bar. (the kind where the girls come and pin their panties on the ceiling, ha!) Hire the best guy to run the place and I would dj there at night and surf during the day!
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